Wasden’s play call makes K.D.’s mom ‘proud’

Published 7:50 pm Wednesday, November 6, 2013

By Danielle Percival

You might think offensive coordinator Kenny Edenfield is his wife’s favorite Troy football coach, but he says that’s not the case this week.

Shane Wasden, special teams coordinator, has taken that spot after calling a punt block that led to K.D. Edenfield’s first career touchdown.

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“[My wife] has been waiting for me, busting my chops, because I wouldn’t throw him one,” Kenny Edenfield said. “He made his own so that was really good to see.”

“I didn’t realize that was his first touchdown till Kenny mentioned it on the headsets,” Wasden said.

Edenfield kept it professional on the headsets, but the proud papa knew mom would be beaming as well.

“He just said ‘Great job,’” Wasden said. “Then we kicked off and he said ‘That was his first touchdown. Momma will be proud.’”

But it turns out, Edenfield only caught the tail end of the play.

“I did not see it. I was looking at my call sheet,” Edenfield said. “We’re trying to score points. They had to punt. I’m looking at my call sheet getting ready to call a play. I heard them yell and I looked up and he was getting in the end zone. That’s the life of a coach.”

The play call was the second time in the game that the punt team rushed to try and get a block and the second time around K.D. Edenfield positioned himself differently.

“In the scheme he was supposed to rush, which he did on the time that we had it called earlier,” Wasden said. “But he asked me, ‘I didn’t really get close to it. Do you want me to hang back just in case they were to try something, a fake?’ I said, “Yeah, hang back.” So he hangs back, and it worked out for everybody.”

The one who made the touchdown possible was Eli Canton who blocked the punt.

“I was kind of surprised I got it. I got through but I just felt it hit my hand,” Canton said. “I didn’t bust through completely, but like coach teaches us all week, got skinny and stuck my hand through and felt the ball hit my hand and so that got me excited.”

Canton already has one touchdown to his name this season after an interception returned for the score against Savannah State.

“The interception [was more exciting] because I scored,” Canton said. “At least I wasn’t quite as tired after the punt block. I didn’t have to run 80 yards, so that was a positive.”

With Canton’s good hands, you never know where he might end up in the game.

“We may need to pull him over and run a little H-back,” Wasden said. “He could do it and I promise you he’d be willing to do it. He’s one of those guys that’s fun to coach. He wants to help win however and in whatever way he’s capable.”

While Wasden might already be drawing up the next punt block, he’s got a promise to fulfill since the special teams unit found the end zone.

“He’s told us all year if we score on special teams, he’ll cook us a steak,” Canton said. “That was inside motivation for everybody.”

There has been no date set for the grill out, but Canton isn’t letting Wasden forget about the offer.

“I’ve been asking him,” Canton said. “We’ve got to keep it quiet so don’t everybody try to come eat.”

So what happens if the team is able to block and score again this week?

“[If we] block two, maybe it’ll be double or nothing and get four steaks,” Canton said.

Canton and the Trojans have the opportunity to find out Thursday night, as the team will be in action at Louisiana-Lafayette with kickoff at 6:30 p.m.