Sportsmanship was key in football brawl at Banks

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The student body of Banks School turned out Friday afternoon for the Bobcat Bowl at Banks “field.”

Coach Jonathan Thompson said the bowl game between the top two seventh grade teams and the top two eighth grade teams determined the school championships for both grades. Eight teams competed in each grade division with the top two teams advancing to the Bobcat Bowl.

“The Bobcat Bowl is the culmination of our sports education unit,” Thompson said. “The unit integrated body science and sports.”

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The teams sported names derived from their knowledge of body science, such as the Circulation, Digestive and Immune System teams.

“The Bobcat Bowl was totally student run,” Thompson said. “The National Anthem was sung by students, the games were played and refereed by students, the scores were kept by students. Students were in charge of security. It was an educational experience for the kids.”

The game was played with an emphasis on sportsmanship. A win counted one point but good sportsmanship counted two. A team could win the game but lose the championship to sportsmanship.

“Good sportsmanship is extremely important,” Thompson said. “It’s a winner.”

Lee Scott, principal of Banks School, said the Bobcat Bowl was an opportunity for the students from both campuses to come together for a time of fun and games.

“The students enjoyed cheering for their favorite teams and the athletes got to display their talents,” Scott said.

“The students learned about good sportsmanship. And, our parents got involved. Several sororities came out and did face painting. Everybody had a good time. It was a great event.”