Carlisle retires after more than 16 years at Troy Police

Published 12:06 am Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jackie Carlisle has watched patrolmen turn into detectives, but no matter what the rank, all the officers at the Troy Police Department have been her “babies.”

And after more than 16 years serving as administrative assistant to the chief of police, Carlisle is retiring.

“Mrs. Jackie never saw rank,” said Troy Police Lt. Bryan Weed. “She treated everybody the same. She treated me the same when I was brand new as she does now. She sees all of us as her babies.”

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Carlisle has served with three Troy police chiefs – retired chiefs Grady Reeves and Anthony Everage and current Police Chief Jimmy Ennis.

“I never knew Jackie before she came to work at the department,” Everage said. “I was always impressed with her work ethic. She was very meticulous and did things the right way.”

Everage said Carlisle helped shape him, personally.

“I know she made my job easier and I feel like I am a better person for having worked with her,” Everage said.

Ennis agreed.

“She’s always kept the ship running smoothly,” Ennis said. “I know my job would have been a lot harder over the last two years had it not been for her wisdom and guidance.”

And Carlisle didn’t throw any punches when it came to that guidance.

“You can always count on her to give good advice,” Ennis shared. “It might not be what you wanted to hear, but you can bet it is what you should do.”

Carlisle shared that leaving the police department is bittersweet.

She came to the job not knowing any of the officers and said that her experience at the Troy Police Department was truly different than what she expected when she began her job.

“We see the police on the street, but I get to see another side, too,” Carlisle said. “I thought everything would be so military and orderly, and it is, but we are family.

“I look after my babies, but they look after me, too. They are all wonderful. It’s been great.”

During her time at the department, Carlisle has tackled everything from payroll to helping with the budget to keeping training records up to date. She’s also seen a little bit of everything.

“She was really involved in many things from the ground up. She’s worked as things have changed,” Everage recalled. “We moved out of the police department one time, rebuilt and moved back in. She was there to help us with everything.”

Everage joked that he was glad Carlisle didn’t try to retire while he was in the chief’s chair.

“I am glad she didn’t do that to me,” Everage laughed. “I would have called the retirement system and told them she was joking.”

Ennis said Carlisle’s dedication and experience have meant so much to the department.

“When someone retires, you can hire new, good people,” Ennis said. “What you have a hard time replacing is the years of experience, of having been there and done it.”

Carlisle’s instincts to help others extended into the community, as well.

“She could talk to anybody,” Everage said. “She just had that type of personality. It didn’t matter who they were or what they needed, Jackie had time for them. She made sure everyone was taken care of.”

And now that she’s taken care of everyone else, Carlisle will have some time to herself to enjoy family and friends.

“I’m going to spend some time with my mother,” Carlisle said with a smile. “We’ve got places to go and people to visit.

“I plan to do a lot of reading and spend some time at the beach.”

A public reception will be held in Carlisle’s honor in the municipal courtroom below the Troy Police station on Monday at 2 p.m.