Isaac Nickson following in brother’s famous footsteps

Published 10:29 pm Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If one were to head to Brundidge on a weekday afternoon and watch Pike County hit the practice field, one could not help but to notice the giant lacing up for the Bulldogs.

Measuring up at 6-foot-4 and weighing in at 245 pounds, Isaac Nickson is not the typical high school football player. But, then again, neither was his older brother Bulldog great and former Vanderbilt quarterback Chris Nickson.

While his brother was a noted gunslinger, Isaac plays on the offensive and defensive lines. He is a little quieter, a bit more reserved in speaking, but out on the football field, he is just as fierce a competitor as Chris.

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“He’s very positive, a real hard worker,” Pike County coach Fred Holland says. “He has some of the same abilities as his brother.”

Isaac’s self-proclaimed best friend, running back TJ Thompkins also believes that Isaac has something special about him on the field. “He’s a very hard worker,” Tompkins says. “When he’s on defense, he’ll hit you. I’ve taken a big lick from him myself.”

When asked about his ability on the field, Isaac is humble and reserved. “I think my strength is my best asset,” Nickson said, “My speed is getting there though.”

He also said that it can be hard at times to be the brother of a Pike County legend. “Everyone knows Chris, and when they learn that I’m his brother, they expect greatness from me,” Nickson says, “but I expect greatness from myself, so that isn’t a problem.”

Being the brother of an NCAA athlete has benefited Isaac though. “Whenever Chris comes home, he pushes me and helps me with my strength and conditioning,” Isaac says. “When everyone on the other team is tired, I still have energy, and I’m still ready to go.”

While he is relentless and aggressive on the field, his friend Thompkins says that off the field Isaac is a stand up guy. “If you ever need anything, Isaac will be there,” Thompkins said. “I would never doubt him. He’s just good people.”

It is not just Pike County taking notice of Nickson. Isaac says that schools such as Arizona, Vanderbilt, Auburn, and Missouri are looking him at. He has even caught the eye of Nick Saban up in Tuscaloosa. When asked where he would want to go to school, Isaac and smiles and checks to see if anyone is listening. “I would love to go to Alabama.”

Given Isaac’s reputation for hard work, it is not hard to imagine him suiting up in crimson two years from now.