Brundidge council approves demolition of abandoned structures

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, September 17, 2013

At its Tuesday meeting, the Brundidge City Council continued its efforts to remove dilapidated and abandoned structures from within the city limits.

Funding for the 20-structure demolition project is through a $40,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

Susan Monroe of Monroe & Association and administrator of the CDBG project told the Council that consent forms had been signed giving the city permission to move ahead with the demolition of properties at 384 East End Circle, 341 East Troy Street, 318 Floyd Street and 370 Barr Street.

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The Council approved the demolition of the structures for which consent had been given and discussed the status of other structures on the project list.

Monroe said that, on Friday, she visited the sites where the owners had expressed intent to bring the dilapidated structures up to city code.

“The owners were to come to city hall and get building permits as evidence of intent but no applications have been made for permits,” Monroe said.

Monroe made recommendations to the Council regarding the status of other structures on the list.

On the list of structures recommended to be demolished were 414 7th Avenue, 137 7th Avenue, 201 Veterans Parkway, 621 Wilkins Street, 239 Nassau Street, 203 Lee Street, 384 East End Circle, 335 John Street and 167 Oak Street.

Monroe said that the structure at 326-C John Street had been removed. Intent to remove a structure at 326-D John Street had been expressed but no work had been done. She recommended that the structure be taken down.

Monroe also recommended that the structure at 133 Oak Street be removed from the list due to work that is being done at the site.

The Council accepted the recommendations of the grant administrator.

Thomas said that letters will be mailed to the property owners notifying them of the Council’s decisions.

Britt Thomas, Brundidge city manager, said that $45,000 in surplus funding from a water line grant could be made available for the demolition of additional dilapidated and abandoned structures.

Other potential add-ons for the demolition project included 165 7th Avenue, AF&AM Lodge Galloway and Henderson, 4th Avenue, 307 Pine Street, Roma Place (Hardshell and East End Circle), 620 Wilkins Street, 373/594 7th Avenue, 448 Leona Place, 208 Veterans Parkway, 230 Lawson Street and 625 Main Street West.

In other business, Mignon Bowers, CMS discussed Southern Link Wireless’ proposed plan to erect a 440-tower just outside the city limit at the south side of town.

The Council approved a resolution giving the city’s consent for Southern Link Wireless to erect a tower old U.S. Highway 231 south of Brundidge. The property is privately owned.

The tower will improve local service. There will be no project cost to Brundidge residents.

Chris Dozier, E911 director, requested equipment participation by the City. By participating, the City would have access to a website that would include information specific to the operation of the city including polling sites, tornado shelters, utilities, city offices, schools, etc. The City would participate equally with the City of Troy, the Pike County Commission and E911.