Farm-City Committee planning awards banquet, swap

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Those who got up this morning, got dressed and grabbed a bite to eat are already participants in Farm-City Week 2013 activities.

For it is America’s farmers who produce the food and fiber for our daily lives and it’s the urban creatures that manufacture agricultural equipment and market farm products to the masses.

That’s the message of Farm-City Week, said Kathy Sauer, Pike County Chamber of Commerce president.

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The Farm-City Committee, which sponsors the annual Farm-City Week activities, is a vital committee of the Chamber.

At its Tuesday meeting, the Farm-City Committee discussed upcoming Farm-City Week events and activities that will bring the partnership between the rural and urban communities to the forefront.

One of those activities is to bring greater awareness of Farm-City Week to Pike County communities through volunteer speaking.

“Several members of the Farm-City Committee will be available to speak to clubs, organizations and churches about Farm-City Week and how it helps to strengthen the relationship between the rural and urban communities,” Sauer said. “We encourage anyone who would like to have a member of the Farm-City Committee present a program to contact the Chamber office at 334-566-2294 to make arrangements.”

The Chamber would also appreciate suggestions for the Farm-City Swap.

“Each year, members of the farming and city communities swap jobs for a day. In so doing, each one gains a better understanding of and appreciation for what the other does,” said Randy Hale, committee chair.

Max Davis chairs the Farm-City Swap committee and always welcomes input from the community. The Chamber office will relay any suggestions to Davis, Hale said.

Jeff Knotts, chair of the awards committee, said nomination forms for the Farm-City Awards are available at the FSA and Chamber offices. The forms are not complex, but specific information about the nominee is required.

The awards recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to agriculture during the year and include farm awards, service recognition awards and a city award.

“Farm-City Week will be celebrated across the nation Nov. 22-28. In Pike County, we will have several events leading up to the weeklong celebration,” Hale said.

“This year’s Farm-City Week theme is ‘Alabama Agriculture: Growing for You and Me’ and that will be our theme for the Farm-City Banquet.”

The annual awards and recognition banquet will be Nov. 7 at Cattleman Park. Tickets will be available at the Chamber and FSA offices.

The Pike County Farm-City Week activities will also include an exhibit at the Pike County Fair, mini-farms at local schools, a Red Hat Ladies tour, participation in the Peanut Butter Festival and poster and essay contests at local schools.

The Farm-City Committee welcomed new members, Alan Boothe, Jeremy Lowery, Jim Medley, Jessica Morris, Jeremiah Rodgers, Bart Wallace and Ed Whatley.

“New members always bring new ideas and energy to the committee,” Hale said. “We are proud to have them and look forward to working with them.”