Chunn raises eyebrows in first career game

Published 10:25 pm Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jordan Chunn knew he would get his carries and knew his time would come. He just didn’t know when that would be.

However, when Chunn, a true freshman from Gurley, was given the football in the second half of Troy’s 34-31 win over UAB, he performed like a seasoned veteran.

Chunn was Troy’s leading rusher in the game, despite not getting his first carry until the middle of the third quarter. Chunn’s first carry, a draw up the middle the pick up 13 yards, resulted in a first down for the Trojans.

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“I was kind of nervous because it was my first college game,” Chunn said. “When I got out of the locker room everything settled down. I saw all the people in the stands and it kind of felt like home.”

Later in the game, Chunn scored his first career touchdown on an 11-yard run. The touchdown also closed the UAB lead down just one touchdown, and capped off a 12-play, 67-yard drive.

Chunn said that the moment is one he will remember for a ling time.

“It was great,” Chunn said. “I tossed the ball back to the ref and I saw K.D. (Edenfield, Troy receiver) jumping in the air, so we did a back bump.”

Before entering the game, Chunn said, he received advice and a dose of confidence from starting running back Brandon Burks.

“He told me that he was going to set it up for me and he did,” Chunn said with a smile.

Chunn’s big debut drew praise from his coaches and teammates.

“It took us a little while to get him in there, but once we did he was able to the same thing we have seen in camp,” said Troy offensive coordinator Kenny Edenfield. “He got his pads down, broke tackles, made people miss. That is the stuff that really makes a running back. Anybody can run through a hall that’s wide open, but you have to be able to make people miss or break a tackle.”

Offensive lineman Jimmie Arnold agreed.

“Chunn did a great job, being that it was his first collegiate game,” Arnold said. “He scored his first career touchdown, and its always great to see the young guys contributing like Chunn did.”

So what does Chunn do for an encore against Savannah State. He said that he has to keep progressing a game at a time.

“I want to protect the football, nad have some breakout runs” Chunn said. “Maybe score another touchdown, or two.