Henderson: Letter to the editor

Published 7:17 pm Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I begin this particular letter with a great big “I’m SORRY”! I made an enormous error not taking into serious consideration the traffic factors around the elementary school especially at that time of the morning and since the addition of the sixth grade. “I’m sorry” and I am one who believes that when you are wrong, the love of God within should make you apologize for that wrong. I was wrong and I publicly apologize to the faculty, staff, administration (school and central office) and each of you for this wrong. I am truly sorry for making this gigantic mistake of almost causing an additional traffic madhouse within the City of Troy school zones.

To my voters living in District 5 who voted for me one year ago, 26 Aug 2012, I’m sorry and I apologize for any and all misunderstanding my actions may have caused. I apologize to each of my supporters, family, friends, so-called friends, and enemies. I’m sorry if schedules (like the police department) were altered, since this possibly was done just to take into consideration the nationally announced peaceful protest assembly to bring attention to the segregated classrooms at Troy Elementary School in 2013.

I’m sorry and I apologize to those of you who had to take the time away from something much more important than typing on a computer inventive ways to try to degrade me. I made a huge error (I’m only human) that has brought raw emotions out in people who must have a lot of computer time. Some of them seem to have a great amount of time finding ways to express themselves in negative ways against me using the web.

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Note, however, that I realize the lack of intelligence among those who actually need a life. I have not forgotten that I reside in Troy located in southeast rural Alabama. Someone using a fake (blog) name wrote in the online comments that they saw where I was parked in the handicap zone at Ruby Tuesday, yet I wasn’t disabled. Well, I stopped reading any and all comments posted online regardless of the story after reading such comment. That to me was even more evidence of the racist mentality of those still among us who hide behind fake, made-up names, suits, ties and nice homes to let out what has always been inside them (racism).



The sole intent of this peaceful protest assembly was to allow participation. Active participation by parents, before those with jobs go to work, and students (most grade levels and their parents), along with the local college students, concerned citizens and anyone else. You may not like me saying it, but it’s wrong having a policy or practice that creates all African-American (black and brown) classes in our school system. It was wrong when the schools had an African-American superintendent and it is still wrong today.

For those of you interested, I spoke with each City of Troy elected official, former elected officials, Superintendent Lee Hicks in the presence of Ms. Kristy Armstrong and some more folks about the still-segregated classrooms in the school system prior to my initial letter to the editor and subsequent pending litigation. The administration at Troy Elementary School, elected officials, Mr. Lee Hicks, all board members and some more folks got a copy of my initial letter to the editor almost a week prior to the letter going public.

Some may not like my politics for the reason that I wasn’t bought by the powers-to-be. I had to work extremely hard for nearly 30 years to get elected. Therefore, I’ve had a political agenda for many years. I might seem to be a monster in some of your eyes because you want wrong to start looking like right to justify your decisions. However, I’m not only bold enough to speak up and stand up against the wrong, but I’m rooted and deeply grounded in the blood of Christ Jesus enough to use my real name, address and telephone numbers.

If you despise me, especially those writing negative comments, yet don’t live and don’t intend to live in District 5 in 2016 and can’t vote for me, that just makes God bless me a little bit more. Because I already know that what God has for me is for me. Satan himself can’t take it away nor will or can you. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, although they are already formed and yet shall be formed.

Dejerilyn King Henderson