Wreck raises concerns about students

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On Monday morning August 12 at 2 a.m. a one vehicle wreck occurred on Highway 223 involving one young girl and three young men. The vehicle was speeding and then lost control in a curve before hitting my fence. None were hurt but they all had been drinking as evidenced by the empty beer cans found in the vehicle and the 13 unopened beer cans they were able to hide behind a house at the scene.

All of the passengers were university students about to start classes the next Wednesday who were out for just one more “joy ride.”

The owner of the vehicle was charged with DUI and subsequently dismissed from his fraternity. The other men and the girl should have been dismissed from the fraternity and sorority too. They all were very dishonest and deceitful. None of them have kept their promises made when they all needed and wanted help.

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One question remains – why were four young people being so irresponsible with their lives? Maybe they all have had time to think about it.

Charles and Dianne Brown



A tip to the ‘old’ Arts Council logo and its designer

I would like to thank the Troy Arts Council for using my mother’s art work for their official logo for the past 41 years. In a recent Messenger article, the Arts Council stated that it would be designing a new logo.

As a member of the original Arts Council in the 1970s, my mother, Jane Brantley, was asked to create a logo for the new organization. Her design was the now familiar banner draped trumpet logo, which has been in use since that time. Her design was likely influenced by her love of English heraldry and her study of British coats of arms. When I saw any TAC publication, the first thing I would do was to look for her logo. (I still have her original drawing).

I am sure that the new logo will be wonderful, but I have to admit that I will personally miss the old one. As for my mother, Jane Brantley, if she were still around, she would say how thrilled she was that the Arts Council had used her art for so many years.


Neal Brantley