Vine sensation continues to branch out

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dem White Boyz continue to grow a Vine following and now even have their own T-shirt line.

Dem White Boyz continue to grow a Vine following and now even have their own T-shirt line.

Dem White Boyz are rolling right along on Vine with 1.3 million followers and should top 1.4 million before day’s end.

Melanie Barnes, an acting manager for the local video celebrities, said the number of followers changes in increments of 100,000 so it’s a guess as to when the number rolls over.

Right now, Dem White Boyz and Troy boys – Baylor Barnes, Cole LaBrant and John Stephen Grice – have 50 Vines online, including comedy, dance and music.

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Barnes said the Boyz also did a Shout Out for a 12-year-old girl who has lymphoma and wrote to them.

Vine is an app like Twitter except it’s all video and it’s a different avenue to connect with people all around the world via six-second videos.

Dem White Boyz “twerked” onto the scene in July and almost overnight blew up the Vine.

And, their popularity has exploded in all different directions.

Dem White Boyz made a trip to Los Angeles in July and attracted large crowds of followers on Muscle Beach. They were encouraged by the interest in their Vines and are now talking with a producer about cutting some tracts, Barnes said.

“A casting agent is working on some modeling opportunities and possibly some TV spots for the boys,” Barnes said. “We don’t have any idea where all of this is going. But doors keep opening and it’s fun and exciting.”

But one thing is for certain. Dem White Boyz are high stepping into the world of teen fashion.

They have partnered with Waters Bluff, a clothing manufacturer based in Tuscaloosa, and have a Dem White Boyz “tank” online. The tanks are selling like hotcakes.

“The tanks are sold exclusively online and only in black,” Barnes said. “Plans are to offer the tanks another color and to also have hoodies and maybe snapback hats with the DWB logo,” Barnes said.

Dem White Boyz are getting invitations to shoot videos in places near and as far away as Texas. There’s nothing they would like better than to accept all the invitations but there’s this thing called “school.”

For now, they’re staying closer to home and making videos.

However, the Boyz will cut a Super Vine in Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta at 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

“It’s a Super Vine because everybody who shows up will be in the video,” Barnes said.

“The boys will shoot the video and stay around for a meet and greet with heir fans. We just have no idea where all of this will go but right now it’s going really fast.”

To see Dem White Boyz “twerking,” clowning around and making music, visit them on the web at