It’s good God rests on Sunday

Published 11:00 pm Friday, August 9, 2013

Centenarians are bound to have seen a lot of changes in their lifetimes.

From mule-drawn wagons to space ships. From kerosene lamps to electric lights, from running to the stream to running water. From an air-mail letter to high-speed Internet.

The list could go on and on.

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Recently, I gave thought to the changes I witnessed as I marched into the mature years.

From funny books to Facebook, from soap operas to reality TV, from a man in the moon to a man on the moon. My list could go on and on. But, the one change that has most impacted the world around me is the “change in Sunday.”

In any Bible, no matter what version you choose, the second verse of the second chapter of Genesis, reads: He [God] rested on the seventh day.

When I was growing up, folks abided by that scripture. On the seventh day, they rested from the work they had done. Sunday was a day different from all the others. A Holy day.

We woke up, got dressed and went to Sunday school and church. Between the getting up and getting dressed, a whipping was required to get me in my Sunday dress. Mama didn’t rest from that.

After church, we went home for the traditional Sunday dinner, fried chicken and mashed potatoes in the winter and fried chicken and potato salad in the summer — and company, usually kinfolks, every Sunday of the year.

After dinner, the children went outside to play while the grownups sat on the porch and talked, all except for the old folks. They took a nap.

After they woke up from their naps, the older folks would usually go on a Sunday afternoon drive and look at the crops and perhaps stop and visit a neighbor. No stores were open anywhere because it was Sunday, the day of rest. Not even a place to get a cold drink of water.

In the late afternoon, we would go back to church for more preaching and singing. Sometimes we had refreshments and folks always stayed around to visit. When we got home, it was time to go to bed. We were tired out from all that resting.

Today, Sunday is like any other day. The shopping malls are packed, theaters are full, kids are at the ballpark instead of in Sunday school, church doors close after the morning service and families are at the Sunday buffet instead of around the family dinner table.

It’s good that God rests on Sunday. Maybe He doesn’t see what His children are about.