Contest funds spay, neuter program

Published 11:00 pm Monday, August 5, 2013

No matter the source, The Old Farmers Almanac, the Book of Common or some other “reliable” source on Dog Days, the 40 days of misery are upon us and, probably, not soon to be over, by any authority.

But, Lisa Howard, chair of the Humane Society of Pike County’s Pet Photo Contest, said the Dog Days could go on through September 2, which is the last date for entry in the Pet Photo contest.

“This is the 6th Annual Pet Photo Contest and we’re hearing that during these Dog Days, there’s going to be a real push for dogs to show up big and to win the contest this year,” Howard said. “But, we’re also hearing that the cats will rule again, so it will be interesting and fun to follow the contest and see who does rule.”

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Callie, the cat of Stan and Jane Echols of Troy, was the winner of the 2013 Pet Photo Contest and joined a long fe-line of winners.

But, beginning with Dog Days, this year could be the year of the dogs.

The lead is expected to change hands many times during the contest because the cats are competitive among themselves and the dogs are expected to challenge in a big way.

The rules for the contest are simple — submit an 8×10 photograph of the pet (color or black and white), the $10 entry fee and an entry form at any of the drop off points.

“Right now, Guynn’s Income Tax and Bookkeeping Service, The Little Framery and Troy Antiques, all in Troy, and Hillside Antiques on U.S. Highway 231 south of Troy are the designated drop-off points,” Howard said. “We hope to add drop-off points in other parts of the county to make it more convenient for people to enter.”

Entry forms are available at the all veterinarian clinics in the county and at all of the drop-off points.

The Pet Photo Contest is a major fund-raiser for the Humane Society of Pike County. The money is used to fund its spay and neuter programs and its feral cat, friends in need and education programs.

“Our spay and neuter program is so important because it reduces the number of neglected, abused and abandoned animals,” said Susan Jinright, Society treasurer. “The program pays $50 on each spay and neuter procedure during the program months. More than 350 spay and neuter procedures were done during our May and June program. Not only does the program help reduce the number of neglected animals, it is also a savings to pet owners in Pike County.”

Jinright said the greater the participation in the Pet Photo Contest, the greater the reduction of abused, neglected and abandoned animals in Pike County.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Pet Photo Contest by entering their pet or by voting for their favorite entry.

Votes are $1 each. Voting may be done at any of the drop-off points once the entries are posted on the humane society’s website