Faith-based dorm nurtures the ‘whole student’

Published 6:39 pm Thursday, August 1, 2013

In about 10 days, students will begin moving into Troy University’s new faith-based dormitory.

Built and operated through the university’s private foundation, the new dorms offer a faith-based collegiate experience for students seeking to live with like-minded individuals.

The goal, administrators have said, is to “assist students in building a value-based life.”

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Students who opt to live in this dorm must be engaged in a campus faith-based organization (and there are many); must join in a community service project; must pledge not to use illegal drugs or alcohol in the dorm (a campus-wide policy); and must maintain a 2.5 GPA.

In return, students will receive the support from a community of like-minded young adults, seeking to integrate their faith with their everyday lives and moving through the collegiate experience together.

While many students (and parents) have opted for this type of nurturing environment by choosing faith-based or private institutions, Troy’s new dorm offers an appealing option for students who want a public education. It’s a concept whose time has come, and based on the popularity of the dorm (officials say only a handful of openings remain) we believe students and parents recognize the importance and value of this faith-based, value-building experience.

College is a time filled with transition and growth – intellectually, emotionally, socially. And it’s a time that greatly shapes and influences the lives of the young adults who eventually graduate and become our social, business and community leaders.

It’s important to nurture and develop the whole person – not just the mind.