Pike Liberal students earn top scores nationally

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pike Liberal Arts School is proud of its students, and for good reason, said Becky Baggett, assistant headmaster.

“While many schools face failing status throughout the state, our test scores tell us that our students are doing better than 73-83 percent of the students tested nationwide,” Baggett said. “The SAT-10 testing results in the spring for grades two, four, six and eight ranged from the middle 70th percentile to the 83rd percentile.”

The complete battery included reading, reading word study, reading comprehension and vocabulary, mathematics, mathematics problem solving and procedures, language mechanics and expression, spelling, science and social science.

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“Many schools only give a portion of the SAT-10 but, at PLAS, we give the complete battery,” Baggett said. “This is the oldest and most widely used standardized test and is a useful tool to further assess the school’s programs as well as the individual students.”

Baggett said the policy at Pike Liberal Arts in not to teach the test.

“We teach our curriculum for the year and assume that the students will learn what they need to know to do well on the test,” she said. “And, we encourage our students to take other tests.”

Baggett said PLAS seventh-grade students are encouraged to take the Duke-Tip Test and tenth-graders are encouraged to take the PSAT. Eleventh and 12 grade students take the ACT.

“We feel that our curriculum and our faculty and staff are doing an excellent job and that our test scores prove it,” she said.