Police investigate vandalism, burglaries

Published 11:00 pm Monday, July 22, 2013

The Brundidge Police Department is investigating several acts of vandalism and burglaries and arrests will be forthcoming, Police Chief Moses Davenport said.

“We cannot and will not tolerate this kind of behavior in Brundidge,” Davenport said. “The vandalism was an act of juveniles. A hearing was held for one of the juveniles on Monday and four other arrests will be made.”

On July 11, rocks where thrown through windows at the Jackson Hardware warehouse on East Troy Street and the back window of Grafton Furniture, Davenport said.

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“At the same time, the electric meters in the alleyway of those businesses were damaged and a recycling wagon was pushed against a truck parked at Brundidge Station. These acts of vandalism were done by juveniles.”

Davenport said a concerned adult member of the community came forward with information that led to the identification of the juveniles involved.

“If adults are willing to come forward and assist the police department with information like this, we can stop this kind of behavior in our young people,” Davenport said. “But, if parents deny their children are in the wrong, this kind of behavior will continue and our job will be harder.”

On July 14, a brick was thrown through the door of Jackson Hardware on Main Street.

“We believe this was an attempted burglary,” Davenport said. “The alarm sounded and the person or persons ran. We are working with a lead on that attempted burglary.”

One burglary occurred on Galloway Road on July 17 and could also involve juveniles, Davenport said.

Items taken included two televisions, an Xbox, a PlayStation, a camcorder and a digital camera.

Davenport said all items except one television have been recovered.

“A flat-screen TV was found in the bushes and it looked like it had been set there,” he said. “The other items were found in a parking lot on 5th Avenue and several of them had been damaged.”

On July 19, the window in a limousine at Moore’s Chapel was broken out.

“We have suspects in all cases,” Davenport said. “Some are juveniles but not all.”

Davenport said the burglary at Fred’s Pharmacy in Main Street is still under investigation by the ABI.

“That was a totally isolated incident,” Davenport said. “Whoever committed that crime, knew what they wanted, they got it and they left town. We know that because it never hit the streets of Brundidge. Whoever did it could have been from Brundidge but, if they were, the merchandise left town. It’s not on the streets.”

Davenport said anyone with any information about the incidents that have occurred in Brundidge is encouraged to call 334-735-3333.