Dogs rescued by activist

Published 11:00 pm Friday, July 19, 2013

George McBride wasn’t sure that either his harsh words or his earnest plea would bring attention to his plight.

However, on Thursday afternoon, animal activists and a television crew pulled into the yard of his home near Josie. Several hours later, McBride’s situation had been resolved.

Out of his caring for abandoned and neglected dogs, McBride had about 35 dogs and puppies in his care.

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Living on a fixed income, he found himself no longer able to care for the animals. Unable to find homes for the dogs, he turned to a drastic measure.

“I had to do something to get help and, maybe I did a crazy thing,” he said. “But I posted on the Internet that I would have the dogs shot on July 20 if I couldn’t find homes for them. People probably thought I was a wild man or that I was on drugs. I was just trying to find homes for my babies.”

No matter what people thought about McBride, there were those who were concerned enough to find homes for the dogs he could no longer care for.

“People came from up near Birmingham and down around Dothan and they took most of the dogs and all of the puppies,” he said. “I kept the miniature dachshunds because they stay in the house with me. I couldn’t let them go. And, I kept about three of the large dogs, one of them I’ve had for about 10 years and another one was a stray that was dropped off about six months ago. He’s a good dog to have around. My problem has been solved.”

McBride expressed appreciation to all of those who came to the rescue of the dogs that were in his care.

“I love animals and I can’t stand for them to be mistreated,” he said. “I fed them good and took care of them the best I could. But, when I realized that I couldn’t care for them any longer, I knew I had to do something. There were just too many of them. I couldn’t let them go hungry.”

McBride said he hated to have to let the dogs go but he is content knowing that they will have good homes and be well cared for.

“Thanks to people with big hearts,” he said. “I am so grateful that there are people that care enough about animals to go way out of their way to help them. It’s a blessing to know my babies are going to be taken care of.”