Robinson looking to add dimension in senior season

Published 7:16 pm Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Troy quarterback Corey Robinson isn’t worried about records, he doesn’t really care that he enters the 2013 season as the NCAA’s active leader in completions and passing yards, what he cares about is winning. So, this offseason Robinson has worked on his running game. No, he doesn’t expect to have his number called to carry the ball, but he does want to help the team.

Robinson says he’s lost between 17 and 20 pounds this offseason working on his agility and endurance.

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“I’m doing whatever I can to help put us in a better position to win a game. Losing by six points or just all those close games really eats at you,” he said.

“I’ve really been working on my feet in the pocket, my pocket presence. I’ve been working on my stamina, that’s where I’ve lost all the weight is the conditioning. I don’t want to be tired at any point in the game.”

One benefit that even Robinson admits that Deon Anthony has over him as a quarterback is mobility. And while Robinson says he’ll never run or move like Anthony, he can work to extend passing plays.

“I’m really looking to get away from defenders and extend the play,” he said.

“I’m working on working on my speed and footwork that’s all there is to it. My goals and aspirations in life are to make it to whatever the highest level of football there is for me, whether that be college or something more.”

Something more is really what Robinson has done. Not only has he worked to get faster, stronger and better, he has analyzed the way he does almost everything.

“I had to change my life, I had to get better,” he said. “I had to get better, I had to change my lifestyle.”

The senior, who in three seasons has already broken Troy records for passing attempts, completions and yards, says the thoughts of the success he had during his freshman campaign in 2010 when Troy won the New Orleans Bowl have fueled his offseason work ethic.

“It tears me up,” he said with his voice cracking. “I know how close we’ve been, I know how good we are. I would give up all the records, all the other stuff just to be in a bowl game, to win the conference.”

His sincerity is visible as talks about years past and the Troy teams that played in bowl games. It seems Robinson wants to be remembered not for passing records but for leading a team into the postseason.

“We get out there and sweat and bleed together,” Robinson said about his teammates. “We’ve all been there together. I just want to see us succeed together.”

Robinson says playing professional football is a goal for the future but understands that playing days must come to an end for everyone.

“When it’s all over, whenever that may be, I hope to get into coaching,” Robinson said. “I’ll probably have to start at the high school level but I hope to coach college ball one day.”

And what offense would Robinson run?

“The spread, of course.”