DA: Murder victim was running away, shot in the back

Published 11:00 pm Monday, July 15, 2013

More details have emerged about a murder last week that took place during a domestic disturbance.

Tiffany Upshaw, 24, was arrested and charged with felony murder after shooting her child’s father, Melvin Kenyetta Scott, 29, on the morning of July 8 at Woodland Hills apartments in Troy.

Tiffany R. Upshaw

Tiffany R. Upshaw

On the day of the crime, Upshaw’s sister told The Messenger she felt the shooting was justified and self-defense.

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The Pike County District Attorney disagrees.

“There is no evidence whatsoever that Melvin Scott was armed,” said Tom Anderson, district attorney. “He was shot in the back. At the time he was shot, it appears he was trying to exit the apartment and run away.”

That evidence, Anderson said, includes damage inside the apartment and ammunition shells collected both inside and outside the apartment.

Anderson also explained that Scott was allowed to enter the apartment. He did not force his way in.

Another person was injured in the incident, as well. The crime took place at Upshaw’s sister’s apartment, and her boyfriend was home at the time.

Anderson said the man told investigators he had separated Upshaw and Scott during the dispute before Upshaw shot Scott. The other man was shot in the hand by Upshaw during the event, as well.

As for Upshaw’s sister’s claims of self-defense, Anderson said she wasn’t an eyewitness and would never be allowed to testify in court about the shooting because of that.

“What she said is not squarely supported by the evidence,” Anderson said.

In the days since the shooting, a YouTube music video titled “Bang” and uploaded by Upshaw has circulated on Facebook and garnered more than 1,600 views. The music video, where Upshaw refers to herself as “Mz. Kinky,” is laced with obscenities, talk of violence, weapons and dancing that might be considered inappropriate for young viewers.

The video, Anderson said, could make an appearance in court, especially if Upshaw testifies.

Anderson expects a preliminary hearing or probable cause hearing to happen within the next few weeks.