Deeds: Published 7.10

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, July 9, 2013


• Wesley H. Allen, Annie H. and Joseph McLendon to Chaz Richards for $605 at 1 acre vacant land Blind Jack Road.

• Friendly and Ruby Knox to Jace Brandon Lott for $6,000 at off County Road 4420, Brundidge, AL.

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• Bobby Park to Terry A. Jones for $105,000 at 319 Orion Street.

• Linda Wichert to Amanda L. and Matthew W. Vaughan for $322,000 at 103 Brannon Lane.

• Jennifer P. and John J. Wilson to Cory B. and Lindsey G. Sewell for $146,000 at 304 Dozier Dr.

• Robert L. Wingard to Don and Robert L. Wingard for $106,137 at 54 acres in Section 18, Township 10, Range 19.

• Jenny L. Winsor to Charles K., Joseph R., and Thomas L. (JR) Mills for $9,000 at Section 22, Township 10 North, Range 19 East.


• Jean W. and Paul W. Beckham and Suzanne M. H. Dukes to Charles L. (II) and Penny M. Dickert for $128,704 at 80.44 acres Section 35 & 36, Township 10 North, Range 23 East, Pike County, AL.

• Deedie H. Carter, Debrah H., Donald G., and William F. Davis and Donnah H. Kendrick to Twyla G. Fleming for $100,000 at 313 Pace Street.

• James L. and Martha L. Drinkard to Michael K. Allen for $245,000 at 5899 County Road 2290, Goshen, AL.

• Wesley Allen and Jacob E. Jones to James Glasco for $120 at Section 29, Township 10 North, Rang 21 East.



• Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $86,106.83 at 343 Sara Dive.

• Fralish Eva and JP Morgan Chase Bank to JP Morgan Chase Bank for $50,150 at 408 Bryant Street, Brundidge, AL.

• Green Land Company INC. to Vicki F. McPherson for $45,600 at “3 lots located in Green Drive Addition Subdivision, Sector 1” and “2 lots located in Green Drive Subdivision, Sector 1.



• BAC Home Loans Servicing, Bank of America, CountryWide Home Loans Servicing, Jeffery and Jennifer Ross and Troy Bank and Trust Company to Bank of America for $92,270 at 506 Spradley Drive.

• Wesley H. Allen, Virgie L. and Will A. Jones to Cynthia and Mitchell Pearson for $691 at Section 26, Township 9 North, Range 22 East.