Fill in the Blanks – Troy Football 2013

Published 2:46 pm Sunday, July 7, 2013

Troy fans, time to get your take. Comment on this article to lend you opinion. List your answers 1-11. Have fun.

1) Troy’s biggest strength heading into 2013 is ______________.

2) Troy’s biggest weakness heading into 2013 is _____________.

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3) The most improved player in 2013 needs to be ____________.

4) The most improved unit for Troy needs to be _____________.

5) The coordinator/position coach that has the most pressure on him is _____________.

6) The player that will have the biggest breakout season is ____________.

7) As goes (this player) so goes the team.

8) The game I’m most excited to see (home or away) is _____________.

9) The best thing about Troy football (off the field) is ____________.

10) The thing about Troy football (off the field) that needs the most improvement is _____________.

11) Troy’s record in 2013 will be _____________.