Fire in the sky

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wallace Tyner and Michael Tyner shop for fireworks at Crazy Bill’s Fireworks.

Wallace Tyner and Michael Tyner shop for fireworks at Crazy Bill’s Fireworks.

Officials warn fireworks aren’t legal everywhere in Pike County

Written by Trent Thompkins, intern with The Messenger

With the Fourth of July only a day away, fireworks are on the minds of lots of Pike Countians.

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However, different cities within Pike County have different rules regarding firework usage within city limits.

“The city ordinance in place for fireworks is that any fireworks within the city limits is wrongful,” said Lt. Bryan Weed of the Troy Police Department. Weed said that all fireworks with an explosive nature are illegal and dangerous. “Everything except sparklers…they are allowed,” Weed said.

Troy’s Fire Marshal, Willie Jones, said that fireworks are illegal in Troy because of the fire hazard that they can create.

“A lot of times people buy these big rockets, then go into the brush to shoot them,” he said, adding that fireworks often are the cause for fires during holidays such as Independence Day.

Even further, there’s a possibility that harm can come to the person lighting the devices. That’s an even bigger threat for children, Jones warned.

“Children can lose limbs. It can cause permanent blindness if hit in the eye, and they can also cause burns to the skin,” Jones said.

Linda Faust, the administrative assistant in Brundidge, said there’s a ban on all fireworks in Brundidge, as well.

“Our ordinance for the city of Brundidge prohibits any fireworks within the city,” she said.

While the city forbids the usage of fireworks, the county has no such ordinance.

“Lots of people call in at this time of year wondering if they can use fireworks in the county,” said Kenny Duncan, a correctional officer with the Pike County Sheriff’s Office. “There isn’t an ordinance or any law against fireworks in the county.” Kenny Duncan, a correctional officer with the sheriff’s office, said.

And while it is legal to shoot fireworks in the county, it’s not always safe.

“It’s not a good idea to use fireworks when the weather has been dry because sparks and explosions can cause fires,” Duncan said.

Michelle Rushing, a clerk at Crazy Bill’s Fireworks, said she always passes along some safety tips for people who purchase fireworks.

“Don’t hold them in your hands,” she said. “I see so many kids have bottle rocket ‘wars.’ It isn’t safe at all.”

Rushing makes sure she relays this message to all of her customers by handing them a list of guidelines and other safety rules to each customer.

If you live inside city limits, or just want to sit back and enjoy a fireworks show, the annual fireworks display sponsored by Troy Parks and Recreation and the City of Troy kicks off about 8:30 Thursday night. Prime viewing seating is available at Veterans Memorial Stadium, but those who plan to go are encouraged to arrive about 7:30 p.m. to get settled in before the show.