Smoke-free ordinance makes sense

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, June 26, 2013

City Council President Johnny Witherington introduced an ordinance that would make all workplaces smoke-free. The ordinance proposed by Mr. Witherington would strengthen an existing, but weak, ordinance passed in 2006.

This smoke-free ordinance is good news for community health. Extensive research proves that smoke-free workplace laws are effective weapons in the fight against cancer, heart disease, lung disease and serious respiratory illnesses.

These diseases can be linked to the compounds found in secondhand smoke.

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Based on health benefits alone there is sufficient reason to support a comprehensive smoke-free ordinance, but there is more good news. It will be good for business in Troy.

The truth is businesses thrive in smoke-free communities. It makes a level playing field that pays off for everyone.

Since the vast majority of people, nearly 80 percent, don’t smoke, going smoke-free makes good business sense. Employee health also improves, which is good for every business’ bottom line.

There is less absenteeism because of illness and more productivity among employees.

A strong smoke-free ordinance just makes sense. I’m pleased the city council approved the ordinance that protects all workers from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Tammy Powell