O-Zone Rookies battle Mother Nature, learn new positions

Published 10:27 pm Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tournament teams pick the best of the best to round out the rosters, regardless of player’s positions.

Over the course of tournament preparations, the O-Zone Rookies have dealt with that obstacle, and have moved players around to new spots in order to put the best possible team together.

Coach Kevin Bryan said that the biggest challenge for the player’s swapping positions, is not the glove, but the mind.

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“The hardest spot is convincing them to play that spot,” Bryan said. “Some of them might think that right field isn’t a good spot, but you have to explain to them that usually your best outfield arm is in right. All of them can catch a fly ball, or a ground ball. It’s just getting them used to being in a new spot.”

The Rookies will travel to Enterprise on Friday to begin a quest to attempt to add another billboard to the hill above their field.

The O-Zone Rookies District Tournament gets underway on Friday at 8 p.m. against Enterprise American.

Throughout the past few weeks, the Rookies, like all the recreation teams, have battled the ever changing weather.

“We can’t control the weather,” Bryan said. “It is raining on us as we speak. We are going to come out here everyday and have a good time, and if it gets too wet, we will practice sliding.”

Bryan said that a championship is possible, as long as the players remain confident.

“For these guys, the biggest thing is for them not to beat themselves,” Bryan said. “There is plenty of talent on this team, but we have to mentality ready every game.”

Players on the Rookies team include: Brax Barron, Laertis Brantley, Caden Bryan, Max Copeland, Jaylen Devridge, Jackson Giles, Logan Johnson, Christian McCall, Javaris McNair, Jacob Moates, Chance Pollard and Jade Sikes