Female Factor focuses on ‘Couponing 101’

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rhonda Peters shared her advice with the ladies at the Female Factor luncheon this week on “Couponing 101.”

Rhonda Peters shared her advice with the ladies at the Female Factor luncheon this week on “Couponing 101.”

Written by Kelsey Vickers, intern with The Messenger

Participants at the Female Factor luncheon on Wednesday learned how to save hundreds of dollars on their grocery bills every year.

The “Couponing 101” program featured Rhonda Peters, chief financial officer at the First National Bank, who spoke to the ladies about her experience with couponing.

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Peters, who has been couponing for nearly seven years now, said she has learned how to save 40 to 50 percent on her grocery bill every month.

“To be able to save the maximum amount on groceries, you should follow four basic rules,” she said. “You have to know your prices, stock up on savings, know your coupons, and plan to save.”

Peters said the best way to know prices is to keep a price book. Doing this on the computer or in a spiral bound notebook can help. She also said several websites offer lists of what is on sale.

“My favorite is Southernsavers.com,” she said.

“There is a list provided with sale items that are at least 40 percent off the regular price.”

Stockpiling is an important aspect of savings, according to Peters. She said stocking up on items are at their lowest price could help save money in the long run.

Peters shared that coupons can be obtained in many ways, including newspaper inserts, manufacturer coupons online, and printable coupons. With some planning, shoppers can max their savings, she said.

“An organized shopping list, combined with careful meal planning, can take between five minutes and an hour to create and can put dollars in your pocketbook,” she explained.

Meal planning is key to knowing what items you need to purchase and what coupons you can use, Peters said. With a stock of items in your pantry, meal planning is much easier throughout the week.

“You may have to buy a few items to complete the meal, but overall you will have a rounded stockpile that can provide many meals without having to make a trip to the store,” she said.

Female Factor, a program of Troy Regional Medical Center, meets the second Wednesday of every month at The Studio.