Troy, Andalusia meet in Miracle League game

Published 11:00 pm Monday, June 3, 2013

A member from the Andalusia Angels gets ready for his turn at bat on Saturday in Troy.

A member from the Andalusia Angels gets ready for his turn at bat on Saturday in Troy.

Written by Trent Thompkins, intern with The Messenger

It was a showdown at the Troy Sports Complex on Saturday between the Angels and the Braves. It wasn’t between the two Major League Baseball teams, but that of the Miracle League. The newly developed Andalusia ‘Angels’ and the Troy ‘Braves’ squared off in a groundbreaking game that was the first ever to be played locally between two different cities.

The crowd cheered in excitement as they watched their loved ones play America’s favorite pastime. The two teams, consisting of 26 players, struck the ball left and right, making it an exhilarating game for both spectators and players alike. At the game’s ending, both teams were victorious. The Miracle League promises that in each game, every member of the team gets a chance to hit the ball, run to base, and to be a winner.

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The Miracle League is a worldwide organization that is dedicated to giving the both special needs children and adults the chance to play baseball. Troy and Andalusia help make up the 250 current running divisions boasting more than 220,000 children in all.

According to the assistant coordinator of the Andalusia division of the Miracle League, Alan Bracewell, it took dedication and hard work to create the team.

“A lot of fundraisers, public donations, and help from the Rotary Club made all of this possible,” said Bracewell. “It ballooned from there,” he said oft how the division has grown.

Once the Andalusia team was fully developed, it took just one phone call to Dan Smith, leading coordinator of the Troy division, to get the wheels in motion for the first game between the two. Smith, who has been heading the organization since its inception five years ago, was thrilled of the news that Andalusia had created a team.

“This is Troy and Andalusia’s first game against any visiting city,” said Smith. “All of our kids our really enjoying it.”

Proposals for the two teams to meet again before the season is out in July are currently underway.