Deeds: Published 5.22

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, May 21, 2013


• Casey W. and Jason M. Browdner to Faulkner Construction LLC for $165,000 at 508 Lee Avenue.

• Aline S. and Chewster H. Garrett to David A. and David Joshua Sexton for $28,000 at 18+/- acres located on County Road 2243, Pike County, AL.

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• Ronnie J. Booth, William W. Booth, William T. Booth Family Trust, and William T. Booth Estate to Saunders Development for $160,000 at Botts Avenue.

• Ada Mae Stewart to Mary P. Adams for $18,000 at 2296 County Road 90.

• Shaun Donovan and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to William E. Wilson for $105,000 at 119 Martha George Hall.



• Jarelyn D. and William B. Emerson to David Druid Conrad III for $135,500 at 301 Flavia Circle.

• Mildred J. and Bryant B. (JR.) Palmer to Ortha Dale Sharpe for $35,200 at AL Highway 167,Brundidge, AL, 36010.



• Alicia G. Bookout to James M. Bookout for $262,770 at 503 Flavia Circle.

• April D. and Alec H. Johnson to April D. and Alec H. Johnson for $142,000 at 616 Ray Avenue.

• Fredrick Fox Henderson, JR., and Ann H. Kirkland (Co-executors of the estate of Louis W. Henderson) to Alan D. and Doris N. Wirght for $139,300 at 202 Murphree Street.

• James T. Ramage III to Taurus L. Myhand for $5,000 at Section 26, Township 9 North, Region 22 East.

• Clare A. and Melvin D. (JR) Schubert to Kelly K. Colbert for $178,000 at 210 Surry Drive.

• Oline G. and Wilson Thompson to Oline and Wilson Thompson for a total market value of $31,940 at 7484 North US Highway 29, Banks AL, 36005.



• Diane Jordan and the estate of Gertrude G. Anderson to Ren Anderson, Diane Jordan and Mary Grace Shirley for $130,000 at 509 State Avenue.

• Ren Anderson, Diane Jordan, and Mary Grace Shirley to Jerry F. and Mary Grace Shirley for $130,000 at 509 State Avenue.

• JP Morgan Chase Bank, MERS, and Andrew L. and Molly L. Woodbury to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association for $121,125 at 105 Pine Grove Drive.

• Troy Bank and Trust Company to John M. Pullen for $60,000 at 407 Murphree Street.



• Connie O. Edwards to Regina E. White for $124,000 at 3871 County Road 3319.

• Brent D. and David B. Holmes and the David G. Homes Estate to Michael Charles Thrash for $18,600 at 3.10 Acres on County Road 3310.

• Anntonnette Moultry, Ella T. White, Regina E. White, and Undria W. McCallum to Regina E. White for $124,000 at 3871 County Road 3319.

• Jeanette Sullivan to Regina E. White for $124,000 at 3871 County Road 3319.

• Edward C. White to Regina E. White for $124,000 at 3871 County Road 3319.



• KC LLC to John Marcus and Veronica Olds for $85,100 at Section 15, Township 10 North, Region 22 East, Pike County, Alabama.

• Jessie Tom Peurifoy JR. to Heather S. and John Hunter Hartwell for $300,000 at 109 Ingram Drive.

• John B. Simmons JR. to Bonnie W. Pope for $32,000 at 51 County Road 2246, Goshen, AL, 36035.