Published 11:00 pm Friday, May 17, 2013

Officer Troy Houlton has been with the Troy Police Department for two years.

Officer Troy Houlton has been with the Troy Police Department for two years.

‘This is my career, no doubt about it’

TPD’s Houlton joins a long line of family law enforcement officers

Troy Police Officer Trey Houlton’s blood is true blue.

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His father was a police officer. His grandfather and uncles were, too. Even Houlton’s great-grandfather was an officer.

“I am the first in Troy, though,” Houlton said with a smile. “I had heard a lot of great things about the community and the department and that there were good opportunities for young officers.”

Houlton has been with TPD for two years and works as a second shift patrolman.

“I have always wanted to feel like I was doing my part,” Houlton said. “Being a police officer is one of those ways I can positively impact the community and give of myself.”

Houlton said he likes working the streets because every day offers new challenges and new opportunities to help people.

“A lot of times, officers get called on the worst day of a person’s life,” Houlton explained. “When I can turn a negative into a positive, I will take that all day long.”

Houlton is from Grady, but he, his wife, Kayla, and his nine-month old son, Noah, recently moved to Troy.

“I love my job,” Houlton said. “My goal is to be as successful as I can be in this department. I love Troy PD. In whatever capacity the department wants me in, I will be here to do that.”

If he could change one thing about how people view police officers, it would be that people not use police officers as a tactic to make children behave. He said that doing that makes children fearful of officers.

“We are here for them. We are here to help them. If something negative has occurred, we will do everything we can to help them, including laying down our lives. We are here to help, 100 percent.”

Houlton has been an officer in troy for about two years and said he has no doubt he made the right career choice.

“I love what I do and I have every intention of being a police officer the rest of my life,” Houlton said. “This is my career, no doubt about it.”