Published 10:31 pm Monday, May 13, 2013

McNeil Dobson, left, and Cody Hill cheer during Charles Henderson’s game against UMS-Wright last week. (Photo/Ryan McCollough)

McNeil Dobson, left, and Cody Hill cheer during Charles Henderson’s game against UMS-Wright last week. (Photo/Ryan McCollough)

Student support energizes Trojans, entertains fans

Kyle Field at Texas A&M is home to the “12th Man,” the Cameron Crazies provide cheers and jeers for Duke University basketball and Mississippi State baseball possess a rowdy group of fans in the “Left Field Lounge,” beyond the fence, but Charles Henderson High School has developed its own unique fan section.

The run to the state title series for the baseball team has seen the development and growth of the Go Hard Team, a group of Charles Henderson students that cheer the Trojans and heckle the opponent from first pitch to the last out.

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The two captains of the Go Hard Team, seniors McNeil Dobson and Cody Hill, see their antics as a return exchange for the support they received from the baseball team during football season.

“They drove to watch us play Bayside and Thomasville during football season,” said Dobson. “We never thought twice about not making the trip. They are our friends.”

Hill agreed.

“They were with us all the way through the season and we will be with them the rest of the way,” Hill said.

The group has been in place all season, but only recently picked up an official name. Dobson and Hill agreed that the name is the brainchild of one of their favorite people, head baseball coach Derek Irons.

Hill and Dobson were celebrating a win in the second round of the playoffs with the team, when Irons greeted them and thanked them for the support.

“It’s all Iron Man’s,” said Dobson with a smile. “We were eating with the team at Five Guys after beating Alabama Christian, and coach told us that we were going pretty hard that night. So the name kind of stuck.”

With the state championship series on the horizon, the duo said that the number of interested students wanting to be a part of the Go Hard Team has increased. They have had discussions with Charles Henderson principal Dr. Boyd English to maybe bring a bus full of students to Montgomery for the games.

The cheers and chants have provided energy for the Trojans in certain situations, and Irons said that they feed off the energy of the fans, especially the Go Hard Team.

“They are great guys,” said Irons. “They drove three hours for the UMS-Wright series and sat in the rain for an eternity to see us against Beauregard. They provide so much energy that our guys get pumped when they see them having a good time.”

Hill, a guard on the Trojan football team, said that they try to have a good time at every event, but the main reason they go is to support their friends and fellow students.

“We grew up with all these guys,” said Hill. “We are pretty excited for them, and we have been happy to be a tiny part of their success. We will be most definitely be there to see them get that blue map.”

The Go Hard Team is the second student cheering section to make an appearance at Charles Henderson sporting events this season. The Trojan Squad made up a good portion of the baseball and soccer teams, were very vocal at football, volleyball and basketball games throughout the fall and winter.

Irons said that it to see all the students supporting one another is a great thing.

“They are all rallying together to pull for one another,” said Irons. “Everyone wants to see the other sports do well, because we are all Trojans.”