Are Christians being punished?

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It would be uncommon, to say the least, not to have been infuriated by the most recent bombing during the Boston Marathon by terrorists. Yet, we Americans have reason to fear a far different and perhaps more sinister danger to our religious freedom and way of life. A story posted in Internet news sources today (May 2, 2013), detailing how our Defense Department has implemented a policy whereby U.S. military personnel all be subject to summary punishment or even Courts Martial for sharing, discussing or proselytizing their Christian faith with fellow soldiers. According to Pentagon sources who have confirmed the policy was formulated after military personnel met, discussed and took guidance from anti-Christian activists including anti-Christian extremist Mikey Weinstein. (source:

The strange or weird paradox here is many of this same crowd are active in pushing for acceptance of a Muslim presence including thousands of Muslim being allowed to pray in the middle of busy streets five times daily-specifically on Fridays. Major streets in New York and elsewhere are being shut down to accommodate these Muslims (News reports: March 29, 2013). Why is it as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning that Christians are again being targeted while a segment of our society seems bent on a mosque on every corner and praying Muslims in the streets daily? Would even equal treatment with Muslims be too much to ask as our Constitution mandates?

Isn’t their something fundamentally wrong with prohibiting a soldier from exercising his rights of freedom of speech and religion-the very freedoms he is called upon to defend?

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Why should law abiding Christians be forced to even go to the expense of asking our courts to rectify this injustice. If you feel this is wrong, please join me in speaking out for Christian values and freedom of expression of our soldiers everywhere.

James W. Anderson

Talledega, Ala.