Pike County generated more than $270,000 from lodging tax in 2011

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Troy and Pike County tourism and hospitality professionals are pictured with community leaders at the Travel Day Rally held at The Studio in Troy on Tuesday.

Troy and Pike County tourism and hospitality professionals are pictured with community leaders at the Travel Day Rally held at The Studio in Troy on Tuesday.

The Troy Department of Public Relations and Tourism hosted Travel Rally Day Tuesday at The Studio in downtown Troy. The rally recognized the members of the Troy and Pike County travel industry and was held in conjunction with National Tourism Week May 4-12.

Shelia Jackson, Troy public relations and tourism director, said that there are 882 tourism related jobs in Pike County. Those jobs include restaurants, hotel, service station, retail stores and attractions.

“We want to highlight all members of the travel industry here at home and the contributions they make to our community,” Jackson said. “Each of them and the organizations they represent are a central part of the continued growth of tourism in Troy and Pike County and the State of Alabama.

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“The contributions our local travel industry has made and continues to make are extremely important. It takes all of us working together to make Troy one of the best places in the South to live, work and retire.”

Troy Mayor Jason A. Reeves said that, having grown up in Troy, he knows what a warm and caring community Troy is. And, he also knows that the travel industry extends that same warm and caring spirit to those who visit the area.

“That means more to the community than I could ever express,” Reeves said. “What our travel industry does, makes Troy a friendly and accommodating place to visit.”

Peggy Collins, who represented the Alabama Tourism Department at Travel Rally Day, said travel and tourism represent clean income for the state.

“Tourists and travelers leave their money behind and go home,” she said. “They also add to the state’s general fund through lodging taxes.”

Collins said the state tourism department promotes tourism and travel in a variety of ways including its website, brochures, travel magazines and annual “The Year of …” promotions, including the “The Year of Food” which has been its most popular promotion.

Reeves presented a proclamation declaring the week of May 4-12 Tourism Week in Troy.

He highlighted the impact that travel has on the nation’s economy.

“Travel to and within the United States provides significant economic benefits for the nation, generating $1.9 trillion in economic output in 2011, with $813 billion spent directly by travelers and spurred an additional $1.1 trillion in other industries,” Reeves said. “Tourism in Troy and Pike County generated $275,164 in lodging tax for the state.”

Reeves said the contributions the travel industry makes to the local economy make Troy and Pike County a better place to work and to live.

From those who make the beds and wash the dishes to those in management, the success of the travel industry belongs to them, the mayor said.

Dr. Danon Andrew, dean of the Troy University College of Health and Human Services, said that the travel industry is a growing industry and will continue to provide jobs and dollars on the local, state and national levels.

Andrew said on Aug. 1, 2013, Troy University will offer a degree in Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management in order to meet the growing demands of the travel industry.

The City’s tourism department presented certificates of appreciation to the local hotels in recognition of the hospitality shown to travelers from far and near and their continued commitment to growing tourism in Troy and Pike County.