Humane Society offers spay and neuter program

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Humane Society of Pike County will offer its annual spay and neuter program during the month of May with all Pike County veterinarians participating.

Susan Jinright, humane society treasurer, said the spay and neuter program will pay $50 on the total bill for each procedure.

“Those who participate in the program do not have to call the humane society for pre-approval,” Jinright said. “All they have to do is take their dog or cat to the veterinarian clinic of their choice and say that they want to participate in the Humane Society of Pike County’s spay and neuter program. The clinic will deduct $50 from their bill.”

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To participate in the program, animal owners must be residents of Pike County or students at Troy University.

Jinright said that the humane society “pays it forward” and would appreciate a small donation from those who take advantage of the program.

“The Humane Society of Pike County operates solely on memberships dues, donations, bequests, memorials and fund-raisers,” she said. “Our pet photo contest and pet calendar sales are our biggest money makers. We appreciate all of those who support our fund-raisers.”

The purpose of the spay and neuter program is to reduce the number of abandoned, neglected and abused dogs and cats in the county.

In an effort to further reduce the number of stray cats in the county, the humane society also offers a feral cat program.

The feral cat program is a trap, neuter/spay and return program,” Jinright said. “These feral or stray cats are returned to their colonies but will not reproduce.”

Jinright said, if not controlled, feral cats will become a serious program for the county.

“A female cat can begin producing litters at four months,” she said. “The average size of each litter is four to six kittens. Those four to six kittens can began producing in four months. You can do the math on that.”

The Humane Society of Pike County encourages all pet owners who have not had their dogs or cats spayed or neutered to take advantage of the money-saving opportunity.

“By participating, not only will you save money, you will also be helping to reduce the number of abandoned, neglected and abused dogs and cats here in Pike County,” Jinright said.

Participating veterinarian clinics are Troy Animal Clinic, Pike Animal Hospital and Trojan Animal Clinic in Troy and Jones Animal Clinic in Brundidge.