Deeds: Published 5.1

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 23

• Betty L. Austin, Virginia L. Crumpler and Helen M. Morgan to Betty and Jackie Warner, $91, 000, 501 Second Avenue

• Michael W. Barbaree and Federal Land Bank Association of South Alabama, FLCA to Alabama AG Credit/Federal Land Bank Association of South Alabama, FLCA, $136,867.52, Section 27 Township 10 North Range 23 East

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• Fox Beam, J. Lee Bryan, Jodie R. Klugel, Peggy Regentine, Russell C. Regentine and Patricia B. Sirmon to James T. Ramage (III), $2,140, 1,17 acres Brundidge, AL

• Bridgett D. Carlee to DLAJ LLC, $5,000, 1 acre (more or less) in Brundidge, AL

• Linda Carter, Johnny and Wavie L. Copeland to Gordon Swain, $3,560, 208 Henderson Drive

• DLAJ LLC to Harold K. Childs, $8,000, 1 acre (more or less ) Brundidge, AL

• Faulkner Construction to Richard W. Glover, $25,000, 155 Prospect Ridge Road

• Aline and Chester Garret to Darryl Dugrenier-Perron, $13,500, 6,5 acres (more or less) Section 20 Township 10 North Range 22 East

• Debra D. Harper,Kenneth E. McCray, Willie Henderson, Mitchell McCray, Bennie D. Thomas Kim R., Mark A. and Michael Henderson to Gordon Swain, $3,560 208 Henderson Drive

• Arthur M and Delores C. McKnatt and Rebecca M. Richburg to Elma J Adcock, $89,000, 220 Glenwood Avenue

• Timothy J and Donna J. McMahon to Christopher and Davanna V. Welch, $109,500, 355 McPherson Drive

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kathy A. Till, $28,000, 269 Chase Lane

• Cynthia A. and Richard C. Smith to Carla S. and Tony D. Harrison, $30,000, 29,54 acres AL Hwy 130

• David H. Thrash to Lamar and Shirley B.Steed, $10,000, 862 County Road 4411 Brundidge, AL

• Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $129,341,70, 103 Norfolk Avenue


April 24

• Margaret Balmer to Margaret A. B. Carswell, $42,650, 204 East college Street

• Thomas D. Davis to James and Martha Drinkard, $35,000, One acre (more or less) Section 34 Township 9 Range 20

• Brent D. and David B. Holmes to Christina M. Drew and Joseph L. Nix, $32,225, 12,89 acres Pike County Road 3310


April 25

• Margaret and Russell A. Dubbert to Robert C. Brown, $25,000, County Road 2208

• Louise G. Ingram and Nancy G. Oneal to Christopher M. Marusich, $89,000, 519 Maple Street


April 26

• Mary F. Berry, Verril Craig Berry and Beverly McCallister to Aksha LLC., 120,000, 100 Sherwood Avenue

• Allison and Peter Copeland to John H. and Heather S. Hartwell, $35,000, Lot No. 27 Palos Verdes Estates

• Elmer L. and George B. Ellis to Orene Ellis, $25,370, 0,50 acres Brundidge, AL

• Barbara M and Timothy J. Lyons to Martha D and Emory Earl (Sr.) Ellis, $106,850, 411 First Avenue