Student art now on display at Johnson Center

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Ribbons have been awarded to the winners of the 2013 TroyFest Juried Student Art Competition and the student artwork is now on display at the Johnson Center for the Arts through TroyFest this weekend.

Pam Smith, competition director, said the show will come down on Monday.

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“The artwork of all the students who participated in the TroyFest Student Art Competition is exhibited,” Smith said. “We encourage family members and friends of the arts students and the community to visit the Johnson Center during TroyFest and see the work of these talented young artists.”

The student art competition was open to students in grades K-12 in all the schools in Pike County. The competition included five categories, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, painting and printmaking for all grades. Students in grades 3-12 could also compete in photography and students in grades 9-12 could compete in computer image.

“The judges were very impressed with the quality of artwork on all levels and in all categories,” Smith said. “The students did a very good work. Their show is outstanding.”

Smith said “Best of Show” awards were presented to the top artwork on each grade level. “Best of Show” recognition went to Mary Samson Dunn, Troy Elemenary School, K-2; Yun Baik, TES, 3-5; Tatytana Lee, Charles Henderson Middle School, 6-8; Lizzie Orlofsky, Charles Henderson High School, 9-10; and Noelle Smolcic, CHHS, 11-12.

The teachers of the “Best of Show” winners will each receive $100 for art supplies.

Show winners:

Grades K-2:

Drawing, William Templin, Troy Elementary School, first; Reagon Alberson, Pike Liberal Arts School, second; and Athena Ni, TES, third.

Mixed media: Toshienna Pennington, TES, first; Mary Taylor, PLAS, second; and Madison May, PLAS, third.

Sculpture: Braden Norris, TES, first; Brady Williamson, TES, second; and Hope Challancin, TES, third.

Painting: Mary Samson Dunn, TES, Best of Show; Ginger Amonson, TES, first; Gracie Barner, PLAS, second; and Eavie Kate Lindsey, TES, third.

Printmaking, Kymoree Fenn, TES, first; Aaliyah Jackson, TES, and Keziah Gates, TES, second; and Jamelia Woods, TES, third.

Grades 3-5:

Drawing,: Ty Singleton, PLAS, first; Kase Chirico, PLAS, second; and Jaleigh Owens, TES, third.

Mixed Media: Judson Douglas, PLAS, first; Blake Tillery, TES, second; and Ella Cate Gunter, PLAS, third.

Sculpture, Tarryn Britt, TES, first; Anna Grace Meredith, TES, second; and K’Von Caffee, TES, third.

Painting: Yun Balk, TES, Best of Show;  Christine Lee, TES, and Libby Barnes, PLAS, first; Cody Bozeman, PLAS, second; and Sara Laucius, TES, third.

Photography: Sarah Elizabeth Calhoun,  PLAS, first.

Printmaking: Kaila Anderson, TES, first and Mary Stoltze, TES, second.

Grades 6-8:

Drawing: Kelsi Huynh, Charles Henderson Middle School, first; Rachael Cooke, CHMS, second, and Jensen Garrett, PLAS, third.

Mixed Media: Justin Lee, PLAS, first; Tristian Carter, PLAS, second; and Hott Steed, PLAS and Stephen Harper, CHMS, third.

Painting: Tatytana Lee, CHMS, Best of Show; Sarah Smothers, CHMS, first; Megan Romero, CHMS, second; and Douglas Topolse, PLAS, third.

Printmaking: Trae Sullivant, CHMS, first; Jackie Miller, CHMS, second; and Reed Jinrigth, PLAS, third.

Sculpture: Serna Adkins, CHMS, first; Alex Thomas, CHMS, second; and Jackie Miller, CHMS, third.

Photography, Jackie Miller, CHMS, first.

Grades 9-10:

Drawing: Kathyn Meredith, Pike County High School, first; John David Cox, PLAS, second; and Taylor Hamlin, CHHS, third.

Painting: Noah Williams, PCHS, first; Kelsey Foster, CHHS, second; and Stevie Smiley, PCHS, third.

Mixed Media: Christina LeCroy, CHHS, first; Lizzie Orlofsky, CHHS, second; and Allie Cooke, CHHS, third.

Photography: Lizzie Orlofsky, CHHS, first; and Alex McLendon, CHHS, second.

Computer Image: Lizzie Orlofsky, Best of Show; Alex McLendon, CHHS, first and Kelsey Foster, CHHS, second.

Grades 11-12:

Drawing: Emily Senn, PCHS, first and Keon Smith, PCHS, second.

Painting: Noelle Smolcic, CHHS, Best of Show; Jazmin Johnson, CHHS, first; Faith Spivey, CHHS, second; and Demarques May, PCHS, third.

Mixed Media: Abby Linton, CHHS, first; Abby Sawyer, CHHS, second; and Mallory Frankin, CHHS, third.

Photography: Casey Garrett, CHHS, first; Olivia Hudson, CHHS, second.

Computer Image: Abby Sawyer, CHHS, first; Olivia Hudson, CHHS, second; and Jazmine Johnson, CHHS third.

Printmaking: Alli Ellis, CHHS, first, and Casey Garrett, CHHS, second.

Sculpture: Robert Salmon, CHHS, first.

Also at the Johnson Center through TroyFest are the Charles Henderson High School Art Show and Jean Lake Scholarship Winner exhibitions.