Reeves focuses on hospital, service during first year as Troy mayor

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Written by Andrew Clay, intern with The Messenger

The Pike County Republican Women convened for lunch Thursday for a regular meeting and to visit with Mayor Jason Reeves who discussed the future of Troy.

Reeves shared how women have influenced his life and then transitioned into five “core values” of his governmental mindset coupled with problems and solutions for the city.

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“Women were very important in raising me, and getting me started with my interest in government,” Reeves said.

Public safety, customer service, innovation, history and vision are what Reeves is planning to use as he works to fix the problems the city faces with the Troy Regional Medical Center and recycling.

“The biggest thing I’ll have to deal with this term is finding a long-term solution for the hospital,” Reeves said.

The city has approved a 90-day extension for the hospital’s line of credit. Currently the hospital has approximately $6 million in credit, but as of now, the long-term goal is reducing that to a $3 million line of credit with $11 million in fixed debt.

Reeves said he is ruling nothing out because maintaining and growing a successful hospital is crucial for Troy.

“We are not going to be able to recruit business, families and retirees without a hospital, and a good one,” Reeves said.

Recycling was another important issue Reeves was asked about in the meeting.

“What most people don’t realize is that recycling is a huge part of the economic engine that runs this city,” Reeves said.

Troy’s current recycling policy is voluntary, and Reeves hesitated to say that is would become mandatory in the future.

“I certainly don’t know about mandatory,” Reeves said. “But I want to move towards more recycling.”

Instead of a mandatory policy, Reeves said that incentives to recycle might be an option.

Above all, Reeves told PCRW members and supporters at the meeting that the best way for him to lead was by serving, and that was his plan for his first year as mayor.