Published 11:00 pm Friday, April 19, 2013


Cultural art students work together to create mural

The art students at the Cultural Arts Center in Troy were interested in creating a bigger sort of project.

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Their art teacher, Day Barnes, said that, as teenagers, several of her art students were very impressed by, and maybe even inspired by, the work of Andy Warhol.

“They were curious about doing paintings on a large scale,” Barnes said. “We were studying about enlarging images and drawing on grids as a way to enlarge proper proportions.

“Using Andy Warhol as inspiration, we decided to use the inside wall of the studio to create a mural with each of the students creating their own design for one enlarged format.”

Barnes said the art students chose four bright colors – lime green, hot pink, bright blue and purple – using black for their designs.

“The mural looks like a patchwork quilt and the bright colors give it a spring look,” Barnes said. “Each of the designs has a pattern and the pattern is repeated four times, but in different color combinations.”

Barnes said she was very pleased with the mural and each of the students should take pride in a job well done.

The mural project was a good learning experience as the students experienced how to create a design that would be used in conjunction with the work of other artists and how to use a grid to enlarge artwork, Barnes said.

The students who created the Cultural Arts Center mural are Kathryn Alsup, Morgan Black, Hollis Floyd, Jensen Garrett, Kaytlin Morgan, Kaitlin Floyd and Madelyn Montgomery.

Most of the students have been taking art classes for several years. The mural project took about two weeks to complete.