TroyFest artist Mary Ann Casey takes ‘best’ in Selma show

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, April 18, 2013

For the second week in a row, local artists, who regularly show at TroyFest, have won ‘Best in Show’ honors at area arts festival.

Glass artist Charles Adams won the award at Piney Woods Arts Festival in Enterprise April 2 and mixed media artist Mary Ann Casey was awarded ‘Best in Show’ at the Selma Arts Review in Selma on Saturday.

Morgan Drinkard, TroyFest committee member, said that TroyFest is honored to have local artists participate annually in TroyFest.

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“When we say that artists are coming from our community, we are talking about artists who show and win awards at arts festivals throughout the Southeast,” she said. “We are lucky to have them in our town and our county.”

In addition to the “Best in Show” at the Selma Arts Review, Casey also received third place in the 3-D division for her piece titled, “Sacred Heart.”

“I had put my heart and soul into the pieces for show and, to know that they touched others was humbling,” she said. “The awards lifted me up. I was honored but very humbled.”

Casey’s 3-D sculpture titled “Golden Eggs,” was sculpted using paper, clay, wood and metal and described by the artist as an “inspirational piece.”

“We all wear masks,” Casey said. “We stand behind labels, whether it be our education, our cars, our jobs. But we also have gifts – golden eggs – that we have been given. We are all born with gifts but so many people live their lives without ever recognizing their gifts and putting them to use.

“Then, there are those who are bold enough to put their gifts out there publicly, without fear of rejection or ridicule, and let those gifts become a reality. That’s what ‘Golden Eggs’ is about – recognizing our gifts and then being bold enough to put them out there.”

Casey said that poet Thomas Moore’s words encourage an openness that allows one’s talents to “flow freely.”

“My work is inspired,” Casey said. “I try to allow my talents to flow freely and I do that best when I am inspired.”

Drinkard said TroyFest is excited to have Casey and other local artist among the 80 artisans and craftsmen who will show at TroyFest on April 27 and 28 on the square in downtown Troy.

“This year we have many of the familiar faces back at TroyFest, as well as new faces,” Drinkard said.

“Tara Sartorius, who conducts our summer teacher workshops, has agreed to show her work. Randy Schults, who recently retired from the Alabama State Council on the Arts, will be here. Randy has incredible pottery. Folk artist Charlie Lucas is coming. Just so many wonderful artists and craftsmen.”

Drinkard said the TroyFest website,, includes information about all participating artists with photographs.

“We invite everyone to go to the website and learn more about all of the artists who will be participating,” she said.