studio 116 offers free ‘farm’ advice

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Those who think there’s nothing free in this ol’ world except advice just might be right.

But then, sometimes, it’s advice and a bit more.

That’s what will be offered when Red Root Herb and Vegetable Farm in Banks and studio 116 Brundidge partner Saturday – free advice and a bit more.

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Gary Weil and Kelly Johnson of Red Root Farm will give free advice on “farm stuff.”

“We’ll be talking about good farming practices –traditional and organic –about herbs specifically, about sustainability, about ways to have a productive garden in a small area, maybe about raised beds,” Weil said. “Just anything that will help people to be successful with their home vegetable gardens.”

Weil said he will bring herbs for participants to pot and take home.

“We’ll bring along thyme, oregano, mint and few other herbs that people enjoy growing,” he said. “And, we’ll also have some plants to pot there at studio 116.”

And, Weil used exactly the right word – pot.

Chris Rich and his wife, Sara Dismukes, own studio 116 and they will provide the ‘bit more’ for the Saturday “planting party.” They will supply the pots or johns or toilets or commodes.

The alleyway behind studio 116 is the site of Flushing Meadows, a display of potted plants.

The idea to recycle toilets for use as pots for plants just kind of “occurred” to Rich and Dismukes. The display has brightened up what was a dismal alleyway and created a good bit of interest among the townspeople and visitors as well.

“Our hope is to continue to add ‘interest’ to the back of the stores,” Rich said. “It would be nice to see this area turned into a garden area of interest.”

On Saturday, those who participate in the “potting party” will have an opportunity to pot plants at Flushing Meadows.

Anyone who has a special plant they would like to pot at Flushing Meadows is invited to do so, Weil said.

“We’ll present some information that should be helpful to those who want to grows herbs and vegetables and we’ll also allow time for questions and answers,” he said. “The potting party will be a lot of fun.”

The Red Root Herb and Vegetable Farm presentation and the potting party are free and everyone is invited.

The Red Root presentation and potting party will be from 10 a.m. until noon at studio 116 at 116 South Main Street in Brundidge.

Just up the street, the Pizza Palace, in recognition of the goodness of fresh vegetables, will offer a daily special on the Palace’s popular veggie pizza. The pizza won’t be free but it will be a good deal.

Red Root Farm is on the forefront of cutting edge organic farming techniques and a throwback to earlier times of agricultural sustainability.

Red Root Farm was established in 2000 and uses exclusively organic procedures to produce a variety of crops including corn, peas, tomatoes, melons, peppers, assorted members of the Cruciferous family, sugar cane, blackberries, plums, and pecans.