Tweets from Troy head baskteball coach announcement

Published 11:39 am Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cunningham says he likes up-tempo basketball, man-to-man defense. Most of all he likes to teach togetherness.

Cunningham: “We have to be 10-for-10 in everything we do.”

Cunningham: “We’ve got to be good at recruiting. We want guys who want to graduate and be the best basketball player they can be.”

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Cunningham: “Ben Fletcher knows how to sell Troy. He knows what Troy is all about.”

Cunningham says Maestri called him about an hour ago to congratulate him on job.

Cunningham says Ben Fletcher will stay on as assistant coach.

Cunningham: “Coach (Don) Maestri has always been a mentor for me. He treated me the same as an assistant as he treated a head coach.”

Cunningham: “One thing that ha always stuck with me about Troy basketball is the atmosphere. It was always a tough place to come and play.”

Cunningham: “You can’t succeed at anything if you don’t go to work.”

Cunningham: “It’s an honor to be named Troy’s head coach.”

Phil Cunningham takes podium as Troy men’s basketball coach.

Hartwell says Troy was looking for a few specific things in new coach. Winner, Character, relentless recruiter, teacher, fit for Troy.