Councilwoman hosts first faith-based community meeting

Published 7:07 pm Monday, March 25, 2013

Troy’s District 5 City Councilmember Dejerilyn King Henderson made good on a promise Monday night – to meet with her constituents.

Henderson met with a room full of District 5 residents at the Lilly Missionary Baptist Church on Dean Street in Troy.

It was the first of several faith-based community meetings she plans to hold in an effort to better serve those who elected her.

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“Thirty years is a long time to work for something,” Henderson said to those present, referring to the time it took her to be elected to a city office.

But, Henderson said, she is ready to serve her community to the best of her ability.

At Monday night’s meeting, Henderson explained what she and other council members have the authority to do as part of their jobs.

She told community members the council reviews and approves the city budget, hires for positions such as the police and fire chiefs, enters into contracts and regulates zoning laws and businesses.

As part of the meeting, Henderson invited City Clerk Alton Starling to address how the city handles cleaning up weeds, dilapidated buildings and abandoned vehicles.

“It takes six to eight weeks to get lots cleaned up,” Starling explained. “Some things take a long time, but don’t think we aren’t working on it.”

Henderson said community clean up will be a big focus for her.

“That is something we can do collectively,” Henderson said. “I am open to suggestions. I am open to whatever it takes to ‘get ‘er done.’”

Wanda Moultry, former District 5 councilwoman, was also invited to speak about OCAP and how the program can help the community.

The night wasn’t all serious, though. Henderson mixed in what she calls some of her “school teacher” humor to get her points across.

The main point – “Call me, call me.”

Henderson’s phone number is an easy one to remember, she shared.

“372, now here’s the best part, 1-2-3-4.”

Henderson said it was her job to make sure the needs of her district are met.

To illustrate that point, she borrowed words from the late Sen. Wendell Mitchell.

“I’ll go with you, or I’ll go for you,” Henderson said.