Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ashley Pelham, owner of Tire Brokers on Highway 231 North, was the featured speaker for Female Factor Wednesday’s luncheon. He gave the women quick tips on Car Maintenance 101.

Ashley Pelham, owner of Tire Brokers on Highway 231 North in Troy, was the featured speaker for Female Factor Wednesday’s luncheon. He gave the women quick tips for Car Maintenance 101.

Written by Gabrielle Pack, intern with The Messenger

Ladies get car, health tips at March Female Factor

This month’s topic of the Female Factor luncheon gave 50 women the tips they need to stay physically fit and keep their cars in great shape, too.

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Ashley Pelham, owner of Tire Brokers in Troy, was the featured speaker and discussed Car Maintenance 101.

“As women, we need to know certain things pertaining to our vehicles. We invited Pelham to help us learn about our cars and tips to maintaining them,” said Diana Lee, marketing and media relations officer for Troy Bank & Trust.

Pelham said when purchasing tires, it is less expensive to buy them locally than online. Always check your engine air filters, oil and oil filters and knowing how to check tire pressure is very important, he added.


Often times when your tires are shaking, it does not necessarily mean you will need a wheel alignment.

“The alignment will not stop your car from shaking, in most cases your rotors will need to be resurfaced and be smoothed again,” Pelham said.

Pelham gave away a pink roadside emergency kit to wrap up his presentation.

Justin Rolling, along with his wife Kala Rolling, gave Cross-Fit demonstrations.

Rolling is a level one certified Cross-Fit trainer and owner of Kinetic Fitness.

“Cross-Fit means constantly varied functional movements at high intensity,” Rolling said. It jumps from station to station and it never stops, it’s an everyday competition.”

There are more than 80 different movements to get anyone in shape.

Rolling and his wife demonstrated the nine functional movements of Cross-Fit.

“These are movements that you may not think you do everyday, but you do,” he said.

Some of the movements shown were air squats, push press, and the power clean.

The couple ended their presentation by both doing their class workout that consists of quick and constant movement.

“The Female Factor is always an event worth coming to and it’s a joy to meet new people every time,” said Kellianne Ryan, Mary Kay Consultant.

Female Factor is a gathering just for women that’s informative and provides fellowship for ladies.

“All of the women in our office enjoy this luncheon, and we love that it’s geared towards women,” said Jill Sanford, who has attended most of the gatherings.

This event is sponsored by the Troy Regional Medical Center and held every month at The Studio.