Deeds: Published 2.27

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 19

DNW United Services Group to Margaret Wilson, $239,390, 4205 County Road 5513

Mary L. Green to Billy R. and Cathy T. Gregory, $6750, 0.68 acres in SW ¼ of NE ¼ Section 32, Township 10 North, Range 23 East County Rd 38

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February 20

Santoya C. Baxter and Courtney N. Starks to themselves, $19,330, 647 McGuire St. Brundidge,AL

Thomas and Jackson Construction to Troy Properties, $80,414.77, 2 parcels Intersection of Willow and Orion Streets


February 22

Betty J. Barnes to Loren S. Williams, $77,000, County Road 4421 Brundidge, AL

Rebecca Beck, Michael R. Edwards and Thomas R. Sessions to Light House Investments. $30,000, 113 W. Fairview St.

Jean W. And Paul W. Beckham and Suzanne Maria H. Dukes to Charles L. (II) and Penny M. Dickert, $192,885, 116.9 acres Section 36, Township 10 North, Range 23 East (Sections 2 and 35)

Ethel and John O. Brundidge, Annie Burns, Callie B. Clayton, Lillie R. Davenport, Buford Gaiter Jr. , Eddie D. Gaiter, Everette Gaiter, Willie Gaiter, Linda B. Gipson, Duane Jackson, Jessie L. Jackson, Rufus L. Jackson, Lillie B. May, Melvie K. Reese, Emma J. Richard, Jessie R. Taylor, Annette B. Thomas,James D. Townsend, Johnny J. Townsend Jr., L.C. Cannie Townsend, Oliver W. Townsend and Willie J. Townsend to Hunter Holdings LLC, $268,200, 300 acres(more or less) Section 2, Township 8 North, Range 20 East

Federal Home Mortgage Corp. to Richard L. Oertel, $79,000, 2419 HWY 10 Brundidge, AL

Alice M. Wilson, Kelli E. Goodson, Emily H. Wilson(-Carver) and Jonathan D. Wilson to Wendell McDaniel, $57,445.57, 3234 County Road.6618 Banks, AL

Marjorie P. Hattaway to Linda H. Cooper and Brenda H. Swanzy, $76,220, 1346 County Rd. 1156 and 1392 County Rd, 1156

James B. Taylor to Shelbarton Properties LLC, $40,000, 4918 County Rd. 3316 Brundidge, AL


February 25

Jerry, Johnny D, Keith and William H.(Jr. ) Allen and Rhonda A. Williams to Debra A. and Jerry R. Allen, Johnny D. and Teresa Allen, William K. Allen and Rhonda A. Williams, $9150, 2.44 acres Section 10, Township 8 North, Range 21 East