Reflections of love

Published 6:33 pm Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Adams Glass Studio is producing some “special things” to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

Adams Glass Studio is producing some “special things” to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

Charles Adams unveils new creations

When Adams Glass Studio went up in flames in December 2011, Charles Adams thought, at first, that he would rebuild.

Then, on second thought, he decided he would not. But, later he realized that, if he didn’t have something to do he would go crazy or drive everyone else nuts.

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In November, Adams Glass Studio reopened at the same location that it had occupied for more than 60 years. But, it was not Adams’ daddy’s nut shop.

“It would be too modern for Sam,” Adams said, with a smile. “We wanted to make the store more up to date but, at the same time, hold on to the ‘old.’”

As part of holding on, materials from family structures were used in the rebuilding process and the old ways were reinstituted.

“We’re back to doing things that we used to do at Adams Nut Shop, like selling pecans, peanuts and cane syrup,” Adams said. “And, we’re bringing back some of the special things we used to do at the store.”

And among the “special things” is the Valentine show that was so popular at Adams Glass Studio during the month of February.

“Roses, hearts and Valentines never go out of style,” Adams said. “For many years, we opened the studio and invited everyone to join us for refreshments in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Then it got where that interfered with a show that I did in Florida so we stopped doing it.”

But in an effort to bring back the old to the new, Charles and Mary Adams are inviting friends and neighbors to join them for “tea and crumpets” between the hours of 1 and 4 p.m. Sunday.

Adams laughingly said that, not being sure what crumpets are or where to get them, they will be serving teacakes instead.

“And, we’ll have strawberry divinity candy and chocolate candy, too,” Adams said. “We will also feature our hearts and roses sun catchers and I’ll show off the glass art for the upcoming Strawberry Festival.

“But what we are doing that is extra special is recognizing the couples that have been married 60 years or more. We’re asking them to stop by and register with us and, on Valentine’s Day, we will honor the couple that has been married the longest with an Adams Glass Valentine with their name and date of marriage on it.”

Couples can register during the Valentine tea party on Sunday or during regular store hours, or by calling (334) 735-2143.