Cultural diversity

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, January 29, 2013

At the cultural diversity day at Banks Middle School on Tuesday, a group of students present their research on Iceland, including the fact that Iceland is responsible for 70% of the world’s fish supply.

Banks students participate in cultural diversity day

Cultural diversity was the order of the day at Banks Middle School Tuesday.

The fifth-grade students shared with their schoolmates what they have learned over the past several months about the people, places and cultures of countries around the world.

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“The purpose of Cultural Diversity Day is to expose our students to the many different cultures around the world,” said Nikki Johnson, fifth-grade teacher. “They have learned how people in other countries dress, what kind of work they do and what they eat. Cultural Diversity Day is an opportunity for our fifth-graders to share what they have learned with the other students.”

Johnson said this year’s Cultural Diversity Day is the third for Banks Middle School fifth graders. The students chose eight countries to study, from Panama to Iceland.

Brandi DeSandro, Indian programs teacher, said the students were allowed to choose a country to study from a long list of possibilities.

“They researched the food, clothing, customs and culture of their chosen countries using the Internet, videos, textbooks and books to create a group project and present it,” DeSandro said.

“The more our students know about other countries and cultures, the more accepting they are of the differences in people and the less likely they are to enter into bullying or making fun of those who are different from them.”

DeSandro said hands-on projects offer opportunities for students to excel in activities outside the regular classroom.

“Many students find their niche in hands-on activities,” she said. “They find that they are good at, and enjoy, the preparation and presentation of projects.

“Cultural Diversity Day also prepares our students for other similar events, such as the Model United Nations that is held each year at Troy University. Cultural Diversity Day is a day of learning and fun for all the students.”