Say thanks to school board members

Published 11:00 pm Friday, January 18, 2013

Throughout the month of January, Pike County joins the rest of Alabama in honoring the men and women who playa vital role in public education.

School Board Member Recognition Month takes place each January and is dedicated to saying thanks to the members of both the Troy City Schools and the Pike County Schools Boards of Education.

The members include, for the Troy City Schools, Dr. Judson Edwards, Wally Lowery, Jason Thomas, Roxie Kitchens and Eva Green; and for the Pike County Schools, Ernest Green, Greg Price, Wyman Botts, Linda Steed, Dr. Clint Foster and Chris Wilkes.

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These men and women – appointed in the city schools, elected for the county schools – have the unenviable task of helping guide our public school systems. They oversee multi-million budgets, approve personnel decisions, help formulate school system policies, approve curricula, maintain facilities and help ensure the schools adhere to state and federal laws. In the past year, boards in both Pike County and Troy City schools have overseen and helped guide significant capital improvement projects and facilities improvements for both systems, and members have grappled with difficult budget and funding issues. They handle the complaints and late-night calls from parents and concerned citizens, and they cheer on the teams and the students whenever they have a chance.

These men and women give of their time and energies because of a commitment to improving the quality of education in our communities, and they do so without seeking glory or appreciation.

So take a moment this month to say thanks to these men and women and let them know how much we appreciate their service.