Will our nation follow its own laws?

Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Even as Barack Obama stands on the threshold of being sworn into his second term as President, speculation on his ineligibility to serve by virtue of not being a naturally born U.S. citizen continues unabated. The freshman Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, took his oath this month continuing his verbal crusade from his recent campaign that Obama WAS NOT born in the U.S! Ironically, the same issue has now been raised about the Texas Senator-”just in case” he decides to make a run for the Presidency. Cruz concedes that he is Canadian born with a Cuban father.

Obviously, this is an important issue with millions of Americans since it has stayed in the news continuously since the 2008 Election. How significant is it being a naturally born U.S. citizens? Well, it is the law of the land, as the 22nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution! Our founding fathers saw a need to take this precaution against intrusion by a foreigner who might seek to seize control of our government. This is adequate for me! That being the situation, isn’t it reasonable that this provision of our Constitution be vigorously enforced? Moreover, isn’t it just as acceptable to expect our mainstream media to support this law?

When is it convenient, do we not just sort of wink and look the other way when adhering to law? As stated, our media has almost-without exception, accepted that Obama was, in fact, born in Hawaii. Yet, this same crowd is already attacking Texas Senator Ted Cruz as not complying with the 22nd Amendment-even though he has just been sworn in for a six year term, has made no mention of ever being a presidential candidate and readily admits to having been Canadian born! While I champion a free press, there has to be breaking point somewhere.

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Additionally, where was our media in the past as Congress confirmed Madeline Albright (D) and Henry Kissinger (R) as Secretaries of State, thus making them 4th in Line of Succession for the Presidency. Neither of these nominees were born in the U.S. Just to apply simple common sense, if a Cabinet member could be conceivably be called upon to assumed the highest office of the land, then they too legally must meet the same criteria for serving! Historically, five past foreign born Secretaries of the Treasury (5th in line for the presidency) have served.

Sometimes, one has to be amazed that our nation has lasted this far when we seem to obey our own laws as a convenience

James W. Anderson