Quotes from Larry Blakeney on defensive coordinator change

Published 2:06 pm Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Larry Blakeney:

“We are in constant evaluation as to what makes what happen. You can look at the stats and see how we are doing offensively and what are we doing defensively. What do we need to do better to get more wins? Some people want to look at total defense and total offense. You got to look at all of it.”

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“One thing I looked at this year was how many tackles for loss and sacks we had this year. There is some (personnel) stuff you have to look at too or you ¬†might fight a guy for no reason. Recruiting is a ‘we’ deal.”

“It really hurt me to have to move Jeremy (Rowell) out as defensive coordinator. He’s been a loyal guy, he’s been here 22 years. He played well for us and he has coached well for us.”

“It’s certainly not all his fault. I’ve shoulder my part of the blame as well. We’ve got to do a lot of things better. We’ve got to recruit better. We need to build that building (north end zone). There is a lot that goes into it.”

“We’ve been running the same scheme for a long time. It just came time that we needed to do something to change the environment and make something happen. There are a lot of teams that haven’t been a single bowl in the time that we’ve been to however many we’ve been to. People get spoiled sometimes, but we recognize that winning was pretty good and we like it. Our people like it, out administration. Sometimes you have to send a signal that we’re about to make some changes and do it a different way and make sure that we get back to where we were and where we want to be.”

“Jeremy handled it like a man and he has a job here as long as he wants one. We’ll define his responsibilities as we go.”

“When you think about a man and what he has done for you, it hurts. John (Hartwell) and I worked on this hard to make sure Jeremy was here and a part of this program and productive as long as he wanted to be here.”