Old fixtures light the way for community enjoyment

Published 11:00 pm Friday, January 4, 2013

The Studio was recently updated with historic lampposts and new signage.

The Studio in downtown Troy has a new look that actually gives the building with a storied history an “old” look.

The lampposts that were original to the Troy Post Office, circa 1910, have been installed at The Studio and signage over the door enhances the façade of the building.

Morgan Drinkard, Troy-Pike Cultural Arts Center director, said that The Studio is the site of many downtown events but was not easily recognizable with those not familiar with the area.

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There was no signage at The Studio and nothing to distinguish the building.

“The City of Troy has done a great job of enhancing the downtown square and we wanted to make improvements to The Studio that would compliment what the city has done,” Drinkard said. “After Brother Chapman died, we had access to a storage building that included items from the original Troy Post Office. Among those were the lampposts that lighted the building. Those beautiful and historic lampposts didn’t need to be in storage. They needed to be where they could be seen and enjoyed.”

Drinkard said The Studio was the ideal place for the lampposts.

“They would distinguish and enhance the building,” she said. “They would give The Studio a historical look and we knew that Brother would be pleased for them to be repurposed.

“We put spotlights on the sign above the doorway. Together, the lampposts and the sign, have given the exterior of The Studio a whole new look.”

Drinkard said people have been very complimentary of The Studio’s new look and many of them have stories to share about the building that once housed the pressroom of The Messenger.

“A lot of people worked there when the building was a newspaper office and pressroom,” Drinkard said. “As paper boys, they would go there to pick up the papers to deliver. There are a lot of memories for a lot of people and we enjoy hearing them.”

The Troy-Pike Cultural Arts Center Foundation purchased the building from the City of Troy with USDA grant funds. The Studio is home to the arts center’s First Thursday events, community arts exhibits, meetings, receptions and musical and theatrical productions.

“The Studio is available for rent by members of the community,” Drinkard said. “It’s a great place for meetings and social events and we welcome its use.”

For more information about The Studio, call the Johnson Center for the Arts at 334-670-2287.