Former PLAS student-athlete enjoying busy college life

Published 3:11 pm Thursday, January 3, 2013

One year ago, Jaylan Reynolds was enjoying the last months of her senior year at Pike Liberal Arts School and looking forward to graduation. Now, Reynolds is as busy as a freshman at Troy University could be.

Reynolds, an honor student and all-state volleyball player in high school, is now zeroed in on her future. Though, she would tell you she choose her career path four years ago when she became interested in forensic science through watching the popular TV show NCIS.

“I liked the character of Abby (Sciuto),” Reynolds said of Pauley Perrette’s role as a forensic specialist on the show. “I enjoy the thought of bringing justice for those who have been wronged. I guess I thought that I could indirectly help people get closure.”

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The role of Abby has inspired Reynolds take a career path not many choose. It has motivated her so much that her Facebook profile URL is ‘abbyintraining’ and she says she’s considered dressing up as the character for Halloween.

Reynolds, who was awarded the prestigious Millennium scholarship, is a double major at Troy studying Chemistry and Criminal Justice and just finished her first semester with a 4.0 GPA. She also hopes to become certified in Cyper Security.

Reynolds’ sweet, all-American look and personality is vastly different than the gothic, tattooed Abby Sciuto, but Reynolds has another commonality with Perrette – acting.

The blonde with an irremovable smile, originally from Dothan, recently landed a supporting role in a local, independent Christian film being shot in the Wiregrass area. Reynolds said acting was something she had done since she was young and when the opportunity arose again she jumped at the chance.

“I was in a small Christmas film when I was young and I always participated in church plays,” Reynolds said. “A family friend in Dothan owns a talent agency and wanted me to join when I was in high school. I told her I would think about when I was finished playing volleyball.”

Reynolds, who played club volleyball in Dothan for many years, wrapped up her sporting career and took her place behind the camera after joining her friend’s agency, Rare Quality Models and Talent. The current film project is expected to finish shooting this month and will then head to select film festivals.

While Reynolds couldn’t talk specifics about the film per director’s request, she said it has been a fun experience and is looking forward to other opportunities in the future. Another endeavor has already popped up. Reynolds hopes to participate in a runway show in Atlanta in the spring, but like any good student, school comes first. Reynolds says she is excited for the chance barring any conflict with her academic schedule.

For a person with so much already figured out, it would seem hard to be just a normal college student, but Reynolds finds time for that as well. When she’s not on set or in the classroom, Reynolds says she’s often at the Campus Baptist ministries hanging out with friends.

“I’m enjoying every minute of it,” Reynolds said. “I like what I’m doing and look forward to becoming more involved in my career.”