Mayan calendar medallion ‘fashion’ for today

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, December 20, 2012

Should the world come to an end today as some fear, then Heilon Motes will go out in style. She will be wearing a silver Mayan Calendar medallion and she believes it to be in fashion for such an event.

Motes said she has no fear of Planet X shattering the Earth or the Earth suddenly reversing itself and slinging all humanity into the great beyond. She doesn’t believe that Old Mother Earth will be sucked into a black hole and lost forever. But all of the “interest” in the Mayan Calendar has given her medallion a certain “aura” that it would not have had otherwise.

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“I bought the necklace when we were on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico in May of 2006,” Motes said. “I was in this little shop. It was a very narrow place and, when you walked in, you had to walk by this big guy sitting on a stool.”

Motes said she enjoyed looking at all the merchandise and saw this medallion that was so pretty and so interesting that she kept going back to look at it again and again.

“There were these two guys working there and I asked one of them how much the medallion cost,” Motes said. “He said it was $175 and I said that was too much. He said he would go ask the man on the stool how much he would sell it for. He came back and said, $150.”

Again Motes said, “too much” and again the man when back to ask.

“He came back and said, $125 and I said that was too much,” Motes said, laughing.

“He went back and talked to the man on the stool and came back and said $100 and that was the last offer.”

Motes took the last offer but it took a long time for her to get the courage to tell her husband how much she had paid for the silver medallion with the Mayan Calendar.

The medallion didn’t have a chain so it was quite a while before she wore the piece. But, once she put it on, it became a favorite piece of jewelry.

“I’ve gotten more compliments on this medallion than on any piece of jewelry I have,” Motes said. “I wear the medallion just about every day and people will stop me and ask about it.”

For a while, Motes didn’t realize the significance of the medallion.

“I remembered something about the Mayans, but I had to ask my grandchildren to find out everything and about the world coming to an end on Dec. 21,” Motes said. “It’s all very intriguing but I don’t believe that the end of the Mayan Calendar is the end of the world. We’ll keep right on going.”

Some have compared the Mayan Calendar to a car’s odometer. When the odometer comes to an end, it just resets. So would the Mayan Calendar, with that mindset.

Authorities on the ancient culture of Central America report that the Mayans never predicted the end of the world. The ancient Maya had a concept of long, continuous time on their calendar but never an end time.