Family mourns after home invasion in Tarentum community

Published 10:00 am Monday, December 17, 2012

The scene of a double shooting on Alabama Highway 125 in Pike County, Ala., was quiet on Monday, Dec. 17, 2012. Two people were killed during an exchange of gunfire at the house on Sunday night. (Photo/Thomas Graning)

Two people are dead after a shooting in Pike County Sunday night and lawmen are still investigating the crime.

Adrian Cornelilus McClendon, 31, of Poplar Avenue in Ozark, and Terrence Terelle Casrell, 24, of 1463 Highway 125 in Brundidge were both shot twice in an exchange of gunfire.

The Pike County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call regarding shots fired at a home on Highway 125 outside of Brundidge in the Tarentum community about 7:30 p.m., according to Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas.

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When deputies arrived on scene, they found Casrell dead inside the home and McClendon had collapsed about 10 feet from the roadway after fleeing the home.

Thomas said McLendon, clad in a dark ski mask, kicked open the front door of the Casrell home Sunday night and opened fire.

“Two of the family members were in there watching TV and Casrell came out of a bedroom with a gun,” Thomas said. “Casrell was hit and we found him in the hallway. The man who kicked in the door made it about 25 yards from the home.”

Casrell’s mother, Ernestine Casrell, was one of three other people home at the time of the shooting.


“My son defended us in my house. He took care of us in here. It could be more. We could be dead, too,” Ernestine Casrell said. “My son laid down his life to protect his family, but an intruder came in here and took him away from me.”

McClendon and Casrell both had .45-caliber handguns. There were several rounds fired from both weapons, Thomas said.

“My son was a good hearted and loving person,” Ernestine Casrell said. “Like I told the police last night, it doesn’t matter if you in trouble a year ago, or two years ago, nobody has the right to come kick your door in and start shooting.”

Ernestine Casrell said her son just found out he had a three-year-old child. She said he was ready to turn his life around and get married.

“I don’t care what kind of trouble your child has been in, in the past,” Ernestine Casrell said. “No one has the right to cast judgment on someone. That is for the Lord to decide.”

Thomas said motive for the crime is still under investigation and no further information can be released at this time. The Sheriff’s Office is conducting the investigation in partnership with the 12th Judicial Circuit Court District Attorney’s Office, coroner Jerry Williams and the Alabama Department of Forensic Science. Check back later for updates.